TN: 2009 Sanguis, Six White Horses

Wow, this wine is in a perfect spot right now! I haven’t had a Sanguis in a while but this certainly makes the case for letting them age for a bit!

[media] Rich Brown on Instagram: "2009 Sanguis, Six White Horses Absolute fire right now! Explosive nose of lavender, purple fruits and spice, with much of the same on the palate, along with violets, pepper, and a slight hint of meat. Big syrah but pretty light on it's feet (almost to the point of being refreshing) thanks to the acidity. Just layers and layers of flavor, and if not for the slight bit of heat on the finish, this would be a front runner for one of my top reds of the year. Far exceeded expectations. Drink now and over the next couple years. #wine #syrah #syrahwine #sanguiswine #santabarbarawinecountry #californiawine" [/media]

Great note!! I’ve enjoyed a few wines from Sanguis lately and they all exceeded my expectations.

Agreed buddy - Sanguis wines can be really good! I definitely caught this one in the sweet spot- just absolutely delicious!

Mattias continues to make some interesting wines. They always seem pretty full-throttled to me, so it’s interesting to see them with some bottle age. His pricing is pretty aggressive if I remember correctly.

Thanks for sharing!

Agreed! And they are definitely not small wines, but at 11 years old, this one was really well balanced and drinking great! And yep, I believe release prices are up there…but some decent deals at auction from time to time.