TN: 2009 Patricia Green Cellars Pinot Noir Olenik Vineyard

  • 2009 Patricia Green Cellars Pinot Noir Olenik Vineyard - USA, Oregon, Willamette Valley, Chehalem Mountains (5/28/2021)
    I don’t know much about PG from this era. Heck, I don’t know much about Oregon Pinot Noir from this era. It’s an interesting wine that seems to have youthful, bright fruit that is accompanied by some earthy, leafy character. I am not sure whether I got to this too soon, or if it is just of two minds. All the aspects are good, they just seem like two different wines in the same glass. I left 1/3 of the bottle to check again tomorrow. Maybe that will provide further clarity.

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I’m making this assumption based on the Vertical of Etzel Block that we tasted a little over two years ago. My notes said wait 5+ years before trying again. if you have another, I’d be patient & hope for the best.

I don’t.

Patience, I would imagine that the second day will provide your clarification. Although it sounds like a wonderful wine on Day 1.

FYI, 2009 was considered a warm vintage in Oregon at the time. I have a bunch of PGC and Oregon wines, but not much from 2009. I did purchase a single lot of 2009 PGC’s from auction recently. Producer trumps vintage, right? I have consumed a number of PGC wines at 15-20 years and the only sub par performance was a 2003 bought at auction, so it could have been a storage issue. Regardless, I will be curious to read your thoughts on Day 2.

Anyway, I’m sure that Jim A. will have some thoughts and/or recent tasting notes on PGC 2009 wines.


This was our first vintage with this site. This is a south facing block of own-rooted Wadensvil planted in 1991. I haven’t had the wine since a visit to South Carolina about 3 years ago (I think) when I visited highly occasional Berserker Rick Dyer (and his wife Judy) for a couple of fantastic dinners and a super-entertaining round of golf. It was fantastic then, IMO. It is 1/3rd whole cluster and we definitely approached fermentations (especially WC ones) differently back then. I just had a taste of a different 2009 yesterday and felt like it was in very good shape (it was 50% whole cluster as well, if from a different AVA with different soils). I can see though how the impression of the whole cluster could be construed in a way that leaves some with the sense of dichotomy within the wine. As to whether this is a function of current state, declining state or perception of the state (or something else all together) I obviously don’t know. I would guess that the wine is sound, has years in front of it and this could be, I don’t know, just what it is in the moment.

Maybe a different report on Day 2. Who knows?

I’m away from the winery for a couple of days. This wine’s library is nearly non-existent so I will have to see if I can wrangle up even a single remaining bottle.

Much more integrated tonight. So I guess “hold” if you have any.