TN: 2009 Lagier Meredith Mondeuse Noir (USA, California, Napa Valley, Mt. Veeder)

  • 2009 Lagier Meredith Mondeuse Noir - USA, California, Napa Valley, Mt. Veeder (1/11/2016)
    Fragrant fruit jumped out with the cork. Gave it an hour or so decant and enjoyed this lovely wine with prime rib eye steaks. Good spice and oh, that fruit.

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Is age needed to resolve inherent tannins, or the fact that it’s mountain fruit? Or, is it not tannic at all?

I am probably the only WB’er who hasn’t had a Mondeuse yet.

I had this on PnP last week and while I enjoyed it, I got the impression it would have been better with air.

After reading the two notes on CT, I aerated in a carafe aka decanter. Since we had it with prime beef, the tannins were not an issue. Syrah with fragrance. I hid a couple ounces from DH and will see if there is any noticeable difference tonight, a day later.

I had it without food and I can see where this might have shown better with food.

Fear not. Never had (or heard of) a mondeuse, and if asked before seeing this thread, I would have guessed it was a small carnivore that likes to get after snakes. Rikitikkitavi?

Thanks for the note. I have only had the 2011 of this wine, which was much more herbal than fruit driven. Factor of the vintage I suppose.

I’ve not had one either although for some reason I think Carlisle might have a few vines of this blended into a wine or two?? Perhaps Two Acres? I’ll have to check.

Nope. Some of the Carlisle wines have Grand Noir.

Don’t recall hearing about a varietal by the name either until I read Ken Zinns recent TN’s from his visit to LM. So add another person to that list! Curious now about it though!

Wow, can’t believe I’ve never had this wine. I have not been up there in 2.5 years! Need to rectify. You can’t get better people.