TN: 2009 Herb Lamb Sauvignon Blanc EII

2009 Herb Lamb Sauvignon Blanc EII Napa Valley White Wine - USA, California, Napa Valley (5/28/2010)
Big grassy, honeydew nose. Medium body, oily texture with good acidity. Peaches, lemon custard, pineapple. Good wine for veggies, but really shines with young Manchengo. Tasty stuff. (90 pts.)

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One of my fav SB. The aromatics of crisp white peaches that burst out of the glass is terrific. I may have to crack one

What’s the tariff on this puppy?



Edited: OOPS forgot to add, we sell this wine. Didn’t mean to offend anybody. [bow.gif]

It was an EII that convinced me there was good Sauvignon Blanc (though isn’t this a blend?) being made in CA. I had been frightened away some years back by too many oaky flabby chardonnay wannabes.

Haven’t had one in a while, good to hear they’re still on form.

65% Sauvignon Blanc and 35% Sauvignon Musque

I have really enjoyed the 2008, but hear the 2009 is a step up even from the 2008. Guess I have another wine to try (a.k.a buy) soon.

I have one more 08 to finish before I open my case of 09. Sounds like I should start soon!!!

No rush. I would think these 09s will drink well for a few years. How is the 08 now?

Do you sell this wine for $24? What do you charge for shipping? Do you give a case discount?

They keep getting better, Ken. Maybe I’ll stow that last 08 away, and start on the 09s.

You should stash '08. I wish I had more. The '09 is great, a little different than the 08 but really enjoyable.

I still think the 08 is drinking a bit better than the 09 right now; wish I had a few left.

Remember that the 09 was only bottled a few months ago and is still super primary. I really love what the 08 has done with a bit of bottle age.