TN: 2009 Gaja Barbaresco (Italy, Piedmont, Langhe, Barbaresco)

  • 2009 Gaja Barbaresco - Italy, Piedmont, Langhe, Barbaresco (2/8/2020)
    Coravined & sampled 4 hours before opening at Momofuko Ssam Bar. Made me smile.

Deep color that showed some age that I almost thought we had an issue just on sight. I was wrong. Nose of pure red raspberry and fragrant dried cranberries. Palate showed amazing pureness. Beautiful textured layers of red to black fruits that only turned darker as it sat in glass; some bing cherries, red raspberries Spring flowers and rubbed spices, this is deftly balanced, long and consistent and just seems to be in such a perfect place. So glad to have had and be able to share this today. It’s wines like this that make me appear to know what I am doing when I bring this to the table, but you and I know the truth. Lol (94 pts.)

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Nebbiolo has a habit of tricking folks with early onset bricking. Doesn’t mean much in my experience. Otherwise this sounds excellent, thanks for sharing the note. I love the Gaja straight Barbaresco, but don’t open them this young. Perhaps 2009 is an exception!

Rich - Have you ever heard the term “Pobega’d” a wine??? Meet Mike! [rofl.gif]

Had the 2010 a little over a year ago and it was in a great place. I’d like to try the 08’ as well, but about ten years of age for this modern era seems fine for the straight Barbaresco.

Sherri, thats funny. I did just pick this up from FEDEX on Wednesday, so I also threw caution, and travel shock to the wind.
Robert, I agree.
Rich, you are right about the bricking.
Great wine. Wish I had more.

Is opening a 10+ year old wine a true Pobega? We’ll have to let wine culture historians of the future settle this one :wink:.

Do you have a problem with his gay Barbarescos? [wow.gif] [snort.gif] newhere