TN: 2009 Faiveley Corton-Clos des Cortons Faiveley

  • 2009 Faiveley Corton-Clos des Cortons Faiveley - France, Burgundy, Côte de Beaune, Corton Grand Cru (7/6/2012)
    I’m not completely sold on the 09 vintage but this is simply fantastic red Burgundy and one of the wines of the vintage for mine. It is so pure, so Corton, so powerful and so very balanced. The fruit is ripe but the creamy lusciousness does not dominate it caresses. There are notes of cherry flesh, cherry pit, blood plum, animal fur, iron and earth. It has a lovely interplay between savoury and sweet and there’s great rocky detail. Tannins are chewy, acidity bright and length of flavour phenomenal.

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Excellent note. My notes from tasting this end with the words “mouth watering.” I hope the 2010 stands up to this with just a little more reserve.

'09 Cortons are very good indeed it appears.

This was Tanzers initial highest pointed wine in his first review of the '09’s…

Loved the 08!

Bought a bit of this. Thanks for taking one for the team, looks to be drinking well so will open one. Cheers Mike

Glad to hear that this bottling isn’t as rustic as it’s been in the past!

Hi Jeremy,

Hi Jeremy,
I have had this wine on severeal occasions and I agree that it is by no means rustic. It has still enormous dimensions in terms of fruit, complexity and structure. It is a wine that will live for 50 years or more. The 2010 is also fantastic, but in a cooler style. I piled up on both vintages. [cheers.gif]

I’ve never had a Clos des Cortons that could even remotely be described as rustic.

I have a 1993 Clos des Cortons. Any idea what I can expect? TIA.

Last time I had the 93 was from magnum about 7 years ago, it was very good, just starting to drink well.
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Thanks, Jeremy. From 750 and 7 years on, sounds like my bottle is in grave danger of being broached soon!

How does the '09 compare to the '10?

The 2009 is a warmer vintage which has generated a riper wine with very generous fruit. 2010 is more classic and more mineral driven. Both are superb wines but very different. I would give 2009 a very slight edge for the moment.

Hi Sanjay,
I’m with Hans. In nearly every case where I’ve tried the same 09 and 10 my preference is for the 10. I think the Faiveley 09 CdC may just have the edge over the 10 but they are both brilliant. Having said this I have had the pleasure of watching the 09 unfold over a couple of hours where the 10 I had a quick taste at Faiveley a couple of months ago.
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I also only tasted the 2010 from barrel and my impression about 2010 in general is that they should be cellared for some time. It is a fantastic vintage. For me the best I have ever tasted from barrel. The Faiveley wines are top notch in both vintages.

Thanks for the note, Jeremy. I’m of fan of this wine. Luckily have some 09s sleeping and 10s pending.

Hi Lew, here is my note from this wine last fall at a Faiveley dinner. As an aside, all the Faiveley '93s were stellar that night. Cheers, Matt

Faiveley dinner at Marea. Blood ruby. V rich, deep nose for a Corton tonight. A v v deep and elusive note of red fruit, cranberry, then, with some air, spice and some herbaceousness. Lovely. Wonderful. Another Wow! '93 tonight. Killer nose. Palate all there but young, medium to full body. Massively tannic. A little short on the finish holds the score back a bit. A-

Thanks Jeremy. I will get some 2010s and try them out.

Faiveley’s 93 are indeed triumphant across the board, wonderful wines.