TN : 2009 Domaine Hudelot-Noellat Clos de Vougeot

We have a regular customer who’s a Burg nut and enjoyed catching up with him for dinner last night. Grabbed one of these from the cellar.
Must say I have had some mixed experiences with Hudelot-Noellat wines from 2002 to 2012 but this was humming.
Almost displaying Vosne spice, a rose garden and freshly tilled soil with dark satsuma plum fruit. The palate is all silk and lace, gossamer tannins, with real drive and energy. I bought a 99 CdV from the winery years ago which was similarly excellent. This is up there with my wine of the year as it’s absolutely in the zone and so pure and multi-faceted at the same time.
Clos de Vougeot can be a crapshoot and I can’t seem to see where H-N’s plot is, but when it’s good it can be very fine.


Nice, I think 09 is one of the few cvc vintages I don’t have the cv, only suchots, thanks for the notes!

Almost grabbed an 09 Suchots. Don’t think I have tried one for a few years. Will be interesting to compare.