TN: 2009 Domaine Georges Mugneret/Mugneret-Gibourg Bourgogne (France, Burgundy, Bourgogne)

2009 Domaine Georges Mugneret/Mugneret-Gibourg Bourgogne - France, Burgundy, Bourgogne (7/23/2013)
Fabulous Bourgogne that bests many good producers’ village wines. Strong fruit, a lovely floral element and strong minerality all come together as one. I would love to lay a few bottles of this down for several more years, as I think it has great potential, but it’s just too delicious now. As Bourgogne go it’s ot cheap, but the drinking pleasure is still significantly greater than the cost of acquisition. If only they made more!

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M-G is fast becoming one of my favorite Burdundy producers barred none. Dang if I didn’t get any of the Bourgogne though. Nice note.

I got my hands on 6 bottles of the 1998. They still taste young. Plenty of acidity and minerality. Fruit is also still there.

My favorite Bourgogne from one of my favorite producers. While it’s an expensive Bourgogne, it punches well above it’s weight. I think it’s a bargain…

Agreed. I flinch at the price now and again, but always buy when I can, as it’s as good as most $50 village wines, often better.