TN: 2009 Caymus Cabernet Sauvignon (USA, California, Napa Valley)

  • 2009 Caymus Cabernet Sauvignon - USA, California, Napa Valley (3/1/2021)
    Kind of having a good day, decided to drink something better than average in the moment and something that made me think. This is that for back and forth on what I’ve read on how Caymus has “changed”. When is another thing. Later years are more charged. Arguable around this vintage, experiences and opinions varied and I let the bottle talk. This sits back a bit from more “modern”. Popped for a 2 hour decant. Dark in the glass, heavier viscosity is apparent. Deeper violet,opaque, little give at the brim swirling or otherwise. Nose is relaxed fruit, purples and black, more interesting is the box of bullets ammo smell/graphite mixed with tobacco and magic marker intertwined with florals. While the front being plush plums and skins + vanilla, it flips towards more the tertiary on the mid-palate and that;s the star. It creeps up .Well integrated glycerin, some tar mixed with (pick some) spices, graphite, anise even showing up late on the fruit’s behalf, just a lot to take in. Acidity feels like more a supporting actor in all yet can’t be ignored underneath. It does not present or finish like more modern vintages I’ve had IMO. Not many left like these. Love the all the little things here, not over-powered with fruit, polite, elegant, and just delightful. Hindsight even the weight was not what it was when i started. It made me think and still does.

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This brand is like a 60 year old’s favorite band…used to be good, now, not so much and makes its living via past reputation.

Loved your note and agree with you!

1985 Caymus = Woodstock.

2017 Caymus = Local county fair or casino.

Thanks Anton, at least I;'m not nuts there, or I’m in good company if I am.

I like your analogies, quite apt. I’m sitting on a few recent vintages as well, their '12 (40th anniversary) and '14. I do give Wagner credit as he was pretty consistent on his pricing; he never went ape shit like many others have. The style today is just less my taste I’ve been finding, part them and part me I’d wager. I may just seek out older expressions when the opportunity arises, try to re-live Woodstock. [cheers.gif]

2017 Caymus = Local county fair or casino.

Or steakhouse wine list