TN: 2009 Borgo M Merlot Delle Venezie (Italy, Delle Venezie)

  • 2009 Borgo M Merlot Delle Venezie - Italy, Delle Venezie (2/13/2019)
    This is a big wine. Even at this age, its got a lot of room to run. Opening day 1, it was dark inky purple, thick legs. The nose was tight with vanilla, dark red fruit and violets. Palate was brutish with tannins and dark red fruit developing, overall good acidity in the middle, and a medium length finish, riding the velvety tannins and acidity cleansing the palate. This is a food wine, heavy food, but definitely a food wine if you have a choice. Skipped a day due to be busy. Day 3, this wine opened up nicely. Still very full, the florals are more subtle yet more integrated. Some subtle menthol or just oily notes. The fruit strikes with red bramble mixed dark raspberry and a red currant acidity/austerity. A waft of green bell or just wet forest floor lingering, in theat neighborhood. The middle still shows vibrant acid and the finish holds a little less, not as full, yet still food friendly. All this might have been way different proportions day 2 had I had the time. It can run up to another decade in the right conditions. Fantastic QPR. (92 pts.)

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Funny thing about this one, there’s one other note, and the dude seems to have liked it, yet posted a 63. Gotta be a typo. He liked the wine, good notes, and yes, a 63.

Commented as a good CT citizen to his note. Yet it seems it will stand. Not a widely popular wine by any standard, damned good none the less, just a shame for a wrong that seems that it will not be put right.

Its good juice.