TN: 2008 Witness Tree Vintage Select Pinot Noir

I could not help myself. The case has been sitting downstairs for 3 months now and I could not resist any longer.

Deep dark translucent purple in the glass. An opulent black fruited nose – black cherry, blackberry and black raspberry – that transitions seamlessly to a very well balanced and silky palate, followed by a wall sweet tannins that provides a lingering finish. This is surprisingly good now – particularly on day two. It has the potentiall to be killer, with a few years of celler time. I would not be surprised if this turns out to be the best Vintage Select that Witness Tree has ever produced.

Might have to head south from McMinnville in a few weeks to check this out.


I can think of many worse ways to spend an afternoon! Besides there are many other worthwhile stops, close by in the Hood. I have not heard much about Bethel Heights’ or Cristom’s '08’s. If you stop by there, I would be very intererested in your impressions. [cheers.gif]

Missed Cristom last week, but what I tasted from Bethel Heights from 08 was pretty good, and well worth a look.

Cristom is a “must” for me when headed down that way. They’re back at IPNC this year with Witness Tree so a southern trip may be more limited, but would certainly include Bethel Heights. It might be fun to check on the 09 EWs in barrel, once in the neighborhood.

Jim, I found the 06 BH PNs a bit ripe but the 07s have typically been very good. Sound advice to try their 08s.


Gave these about 5 days to rest after delivery.

3/11/2011 rated 92 points: This needs about 2 hours of air to really get going but boy does it. Very fragrant and then bursts forth with black cherry, minerals and a bit of richness that provides some nice balance and mouthfeel. It has a powerful somewhat weighty finish. Drinks real well now with enough air but should really be left alone for 1-2 years at least.Expect it will notch up a point or 2. Love these 08’s !

Tried the regular bottling last night with the neighbors. It was just starting to unwind by the time it finished. Will give those at least 6 months to devolop. Very primary but a very good wine at a nice price as well.

Thanks for the update, Fred. I’m interested in the Estate bottling also. I haven’t popped one yet, but plan to soon.

I don’t think the Cristom 08 SVDs have been released. In fact it looks like they have (finally) slashed prices on the 07 Eileen, Jessie, and Sommers to try and sell through. Headed there and Witness Tree in a few weeks myself.