TN: 2008 Vincent Dauvissat (René & Vincent) Chablis 1er Cru Séchet

  • 2008 Vincent Dauvissat (René & Vincent) Chablis 1er Cru Séchet - France, Burgundy, Chablis, Chablis 1er Cru (1/4/2013)
    A bit deeper in colour than I want my 08 Chablis to be with some nuttiness that I don’t really want in my 4 year old Chablis. There is a drizzle of honey along with oranges and plenty of minerality. It is dense, textured and sappy and finishes with a big lick of grapefruit acidity.

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Never had the Dauvissat version, only that from Michel. I think tonight having seen your note here I will open the 10 Michel and see how it’s doing. Thanks for the note, Jeremy.

I had a bottle of the same wine about a month ago, with a fairly similar take. Wasn’t quite as fresh as I would like, but mostly I wondered if it was just shutting down for a while as most years of Dauvissat do.

I sure hope you’re right, John. I had it once on release and buried the rest of the case. I would ordinarily not touch it for a decade or so, but Jeremy’s note isn’t exactly an enouragement.

In fairness to the wine a glass some 6 hours later was much better with dinner, all honey over river rocks and very tight and piercing. I think the wine has shut down.

The ones I had on release were hard as nails and not giving much. I am now worried about mine that are resting…

It’s not worth worrying. They’ll either be fine, or age prematurely. worrying won’t help anything. Personally, I don’t think there’s a high risk. trying to drink them up in the 4-7 year range just risks finding them in a dull phase. I’m not one of those 10-15 year folks, but I try to let the PC’s have about 7 years.

I grabbed 4 bottles of this after being really impressed with a bottle we had at Rekondo in San Sebastian last summer. Three have been in long term storage and I’ve been keeping the last one handy to take an early look, but always seemed to open something else instead and was just getting ready to bury it too - now I think I’ll have to give it a whirl.

Frank, I picked up a couple bottles of the '10 LM Sechet also, and am looking forward to your report.

I opened one this weekend will similar notes as Jeremy except noticeably hollow in the mid-palate. The color was still fairly clear but was approaching a deeper color than I remember. Hopefully this is a dumb phase. I will just wait, not worry and let reality happen. I haven’t bought much 2010s, I guess Chablis like white burg will just have to be restaurant splurges.

FWIW, I decided a long time ago…not to touch a Dauvissat Chablis with less than 10 years age. They often raise more questions than give answers. The '03s were the only exception to this “rule”.

I haven’t regretted this practice, though I’ve had a few premoxed wines…The Dauvissat wines are such long-distance runners that even at a decade old…they are still unevolved and require lots of aeration in my experience. I can’t think of a winemaker whose wines are regularly better “the next day” like Vincent’s are. (And, that can be frustrating…the night “before”.)

To each his own, for sure. But…trying to extrapolate anything much from young Dauvissat (particularly without significant aeration) is, to me, futile.

I drank it over 5 hours on night 1 and followed for three days after. I will continue to just bury them but given Jeremy’s experience and his posts on this board, I figured an experiment was worth it. Plus I had something to celebrate so easier to open a nice bottle! I was not disappointed and I am sure “distance runner” is what this will be as the acid/mineral core was imposing. Maybe this is what limited the mid-palate. I guess only time will tell

I don’t have the Sechet but my 08 Forest have started whispering my name when I go in the cellar. Reading posts likes this helps give me strength to hold on longer. Thanks for posting!

I must have forgotten that I tried it 6 months ago, and pulled one recently again. Here’s my note that I posted on the Tanzer board:

2008 V Dauvissat Sechet–I usually try to wait a little longer than this on my Dauvissat’s, but I wanted to give 2006 and before a rest, and it was within reach. What a joy! Fresh, incisive minerals and acid, not quite to the painful threshold, but combined with delicious fruit and a hint of gras. Very, very nice right now, even at this young age.

So I’m very much reassured. Still, these wines go up and down during this phase, so waiting another 2-3 makes sense to me. I don’t think you have to wait 10 years.

Have you ever waited for 10+ years on a Dauvissat? Certainly you “don’t have to”…It’s just that you miss so much that these wines have to offer, IMO. Drinking one at under 4 years old…to me…is silly…and a waste of good wine. Tasting one…is somewhat different…as long as you realize that you are tasting them understanding that they have so much more to offer with minimal age (10 years + or so, IMO). Young Chablis, in my experience, is the toughest wine to appreciate young.

Sure, I prefer my chablis with age. Currently, 1996 is reminding one what it’s all about with chablis and age. But I do think there’s been a change in style in the 2000’s, and the 10 year rule (yours) may no longer apply so much. My own rule is more 7-8 years for PC’s, a little longer for GC’s, but again all bets may be off now.

I’ve found 2008’s in particular just delicious young. and in drinking 2000’s, 2001’s, 2002’s, I’m not sure they are any better now that they were 2-3-4 years ago, and some of the bottles are not sound (gen oxidized), although I’ve been a proponent of not using fear of oxidation as a reason to drink your wines too young.

i do agree that it’s a mistake to drink up your chablis esp Dauvissat befor it’s had a chance to show it’s stuff, and particularly a good idea to be careful with it in that 3-6 year stage when it is sometimes dull.

Thanks for the response, John…

that premox fear can be a motivator…though…like you…I’ve avoided using it as a reason to drink young…a young premox or an old premox…are both the same, and at least the older premox had a chance to be special.

I’m sticking to this 10-year “rule”…though…and, frankly, I think 15 is a better “rule” for them…but…I use the 10 year…as advised by Vincent…and, also, my own experiences…of course, it takes a ton of discipline and determination. I think it gives them a much better shot at showing their stuff.

It would be sort of sad if indeed “all bets may be off now”. That’s one of the beauties of [Davissat] Chablis…improvement/complexity with age. Though, they are certainly tasty young…with sufficient aeration, which can be quite a bit.

Sorry for the interuption. Stuart I have not been making direct comment to you lately [wink.gif]. Understand your point and comments but…what if someone own more than a case of 12 bottles or 14 bs of the same wine ?

For example, I normally buy 14 bs of same wine ( except DRC ) because 2 of them…I would like to open them when they are young. So it is silly and a waste good wine [whistle.gif]

Unless one is trying to “taste”, ie, examine them , rather than drinking/enjoying them. Then it is not “silly” or a “waste”, Peter.

It is only “silly” to me if one doesn’t realize the difference and what one is likely to achieve/experience with a young Dauvissat. And…if they were not my bottles, I’d love to join anyone downing them young…or old. I value my limited holdings of them too much to be that curious about what they’re like young. I know what the payoff can be, and to me, it’s a waste of a potentially great wine to off them young. I speak only for myself…and my disciples. grouphug