TN: 2008 Trader Joe's Sauvignon Blanc Vinas Chilenas Reserva (Chile, Central Valley)

  • 2008 Trader Joe’s Sauvignon Blanc Vinas Chilenas Reserva - Chile, Central Valley (7/20/2009)
    Traci bought this wine at Trader Joes for $2.99. I used 1/2 the bottle for my Paella and had a glass. This is really well made Sauv Blanc especially for the money…clean nose of crisp apple and lime while the palate is good to very good with rich citrus fruit, a hint of gooseberry and melon along with green apples. medium finish…85-86/100. can’t ask for more than that for $2.99 (86 pts.)

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Nice note Tony, good work uncovering this. I’ll look for it.

we opened a Kirkland ZN SB yesterday and I’d be happier if it had been $2.99
instead of $10 ish… Made a pan sauce for some fresh water white fish
(Walleye Pike) tonight (enjoyed it more in the sauce…)

Will be looking for your find on Tuesday!

Thanks for the note Tony. I’m sure Bob Wood is running out right now to buy a case of it.

It would not be a TJ’s thread without a Bob Wood reference…

Oh boy…I hope he buys a bottle or two first. My SB loving fiancee really enjoyed this too…so if she likes it and it’s $2.99 plus tax…SCORE!

OT but…

what’s the half-life of term “Fiancee”?