TN: 2008 Taittinger Champagne Comtes de Champagne Blanc de Blancs Brut (France, Champagne)

Finally had a chance to try this out.

Brilliant nose, melange of citrus, just a hint of brioche, some oyster shell

on the palate it is equally compelling, long, great acidity, some ripe peach. as good as it is now IMO it will benefit from another decade in bottle.
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I’m glad you had a chance to drink one of these. I’ve gleaned from this forum that you enjoy a good bottle of champagne, and it makes me happy to know you’ve enjoyed this. I think it’s a really wonderful bottle of a really wonderful vintage of champagne. I am struggling to not drink these up largely because I agree with your note. There’s so much stuffing, they should get even better for a while. But dang, they’re so good now.

found a recent bottle tight and primary. Not touching another one for a while

I had a bottle on Saturday and it was good, not great. I think '02 and '06 were consistently great for years after release. '08 has been more up and down for me.

The ‘08 Jay opened was really good. I don’t know if there’s bottle variation but I was very impressed by that bottle.

That is because Jay has all the really good bottles. The best bottle I have had was the one I brought to our first dinner at CL post vaccination. I thought it was on fire and better than the '08 and '88 Cristal it was paired with.

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It’s true. They only made 6 good bottles of the 2008 Comtes and I got them all. neener

I had them delivered directly to storage which is why it took so long for me to try one.


That’s about as high praise as praise gets in champagne.

I remember and agree. Wine of the flight!

I was surprised myself because up until that point I thought '08 Cristal was far and away the best of the vintage. I do think Cristal/DP/Comtes are the best and on any given night any one of them can beat the others.

I hope to be there when you open one of the remaining 5.

Yes I agree with this sentiment.

Seven. My friend Randy got one also.

Exactly my impression, I am envious that it has shown so well for others :slight_smile:.

I’ve had it 4 times. Stunning every time. Hard to keep away from.

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Same here. Hope one of the good bottles is the 6L I just bought! [snort.gif]

I’ve had the same experience as Alan and Dan; '08 has been a powerhouse each time I’ve tasted it and is more consistent than '06. For current consumption, I’ve sunk a dozen '07 CdC so far and I prefer it to '06 and '08.

That is a baller bottle! Locally Zachy’s is offering it for $5k and I am sure they would not renege on that order. Quite a premium to the four '06 6L’s that they sold for $1200 each at their progressive sale last year.

Morrell offered 18 mags of '08 for $500 yesterday and it sold out in an hour.

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Interesting pricing. The 6L was c. $3k all in here in London. However, that Morrells pricing on the mags is well below mkt price which is more like $750 plus!

PS Here’s what it looks like. Yes, that’s a full sized shopping trolley!