TN: 2008 Scholium Project Riquewihr at Má Pêche

Scholium is crazy. I mean crazy. It confuses me. It teases me. I am on of the original 53 but I haven’t bought in 3 years. Some highs have been quixotically effervescent. Some oddly disquieting.
Momofuku is crazy. I mean crazy. Crazy good. Crazy good ramen at noodle bar. Crazy good Bo Ssam with Kim Chee. Crazy good Ham. Let’s not even talk about the crack pie.

That stuff is crazy

The note is binary. yes/no on/off. Simple sustenance or a Perfect pairing

Languorous lunch. Má Pêche is David Chang’s new joint in midtown. Hotel restaurant. I know it is a Hotel joint because you can put your room number on the bill and we started with a tower of seafood. Lobster Claws/Shrimp Cocktail stuff. But there was no Lobster or Cocktail. rather some great oysters. Tasty good octopus salad. Stellar fluke in a miso sauce. Odd delightsand relishes all over.

That’s where the Scholium came in. Gewürztraminer. Dry. that is a good thing. Dense. that is a good thing. Sorta grassy/autumnal leaves and a shadow of tropical gewurz stuff. But a charcoal etching of Gewurz. Not a full Oil on Canvas in radiant color.

Perfect fit with the fish. Abe,Abe,Abe. Just when I thought I was out, you pulled me back in. I think his wines are like a Lucien Freud. Sorta disturbing, sorta unforgettable.

Cauliflower is made in the same vinegar sauce as the brussels sprouts downtown.
Snails and Sausage in a mushroom sauce was the standout dish. Exotic and comforting and gamy and splendid
Rice noodles in a pork sauce is soild great.
Chicken in spinach sauce is moist, tender and beautiful.
Branzino is a nod to midtown hotel dining and to me, misses the mark. Too plain for Momofuku

the crack pie still is a 100 pointer


the lunch is a yes. a win. a +1. good to be alive

I think this bottle really needs time sideways. I have a few and will peek again ~ 2013.

You ever have the 07?

I had this a month or two ago (thanks, Jeb), and I thought it was disjointed, weird, and lacking any kind of a finish. I have another one, and I guess I should hold it for a long time to see if Glenn is right.

Rob, welcome back.

I think most of Abe’s wines need context. By themselves they can be fun and unpredictable, but with the proper food they can be magnificent and eye-opening. And in the proper setting with the right food they can be eternally memorable.

what the hell is an “original 53”?

i agree. the wine fit this meal

The first 53 on the Scholium mailing list.

Great notes - thanks! Weird wines, but I love 'em because they are not like much of anything else.

Have you seen a Spring offering yet? Did I accidentally delete it? Seems late.

Chris, as we said in NE Philly growing up:


ah, now i get it - thank you.

The 07 was crazy good. I haven’t had the 08 . . . yet. Sounds like it might be good for a seafood dinner in a few weeks.

I guess that’s better than missing it! Hey, gotta place an order before laws change. headbang

Love Abe and his wines. Love Klafter and his prose. Priceless. [worship.gif]