TN: 2008 Rasa Vineyards QED (USA, Washington, Columbia Valley, Walla Walla Valley)

  • 2008 Rasa Vineyards QED - USA, Washington, Columbia Valley, Walla Walla Valley (7/17/2011)
    This wine is a good example of why I have really been so smitten with this producer over the last year and half. At once generous and inviting, this Syrah dominated blend (83% with the balance consisting of Grenache, Mourvedre, and a splash of Viognier), has an almost clean feel to the smoky cherry fruit, polished, and very easy to drink. At the same token, it retains an individual identity, and by no means does it portray itself as a standardized production. With further time in the glass, the tannins did seem to gain strength, suggesting that perhaps this needs a couple of years to reach equilibrium, but by no means is this crime to drink today. Like most WA St 08’s, this has a higher mineral hue than the more flamboyant 2007 vintage (inaugural). Well priced too at $45 directly from the winery. (93 pts.)

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Dale–Nice note and very nice wine. These guys know what they are doing and are going to do very well. Did you try the Creative Impulse?

Hi John, The Cab based wine right? I did (or believe I did) at the Cayuse Spring release weekend this last May. I don’t recall specifics on that wine, but I recall it was a bit on the pricey side.

On a Syrah side note, what where you thoughts on the “Principia”? In all honestly, though I liked it quite a bit, I just couldn’t see a qualitative difference between that bottling vs. the QED or the Vox Populi, hence not worth the extra dough, perhaps it is built for a longer drinking window, I dunno. Anyway, I have just been ripping through Rasa bottles lately and never once anything less than 100% satisfied with each bottle. On top of it, Billo and his brother seem like really cool cats, so it feels good to support good people.

Yes, the creative impulse is their bordeaux blend, and probably too pricey, but was very good. I wasn’t very interested in the Principia–not that it was bad wine, but dense 100% syrah is not really my thing. I think the QED is quite good, and a true CDP type blend would be a great idea if they ever decided to do this.

Rasa is among my favorite new Washington producers in the last couple years. Will have reviews of their current releases, including the 2008 QED and Creative Impulse, on the blog tomorrow.

I wasn’t a big fan of the QED, I’m just not a Grenache fan anymore and the ripeness of the new world sends it over the edge for me, but the Vox Populi on the other hand really struck me. Who new that a Mourvedre from Washington would do it for me.
Billo is a blast to talk to and very humble in his talents.
We purchased a cs. of the Riesling, for my palate, the best Riesling in Washington and when you ‘pre-buy’ the price goes from $29 down to $21 per and if your a fan of Riesling you should give it a shot.
The cab was good, but the price was steep.