TN: 2008 Produttori del Barbaresco Riservas

2008 PRODUTTORI DEL BARBARESCO RISERVA TASTING - Wine Club – Santa Ana, CA (5/22/2013)

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Thanks Paul. Interesting notes. I am a huge fan of the Produttori Reservas but have not touched my 2008s yet.

The Montefico is often my favourite in the range, so good to read your favourable comments about it. In recent months I have had the 2004 and the 2005 Montefico, and those wines are all about structure, power and complexity. The 2005 in particular was brilliant, albeit a concentrated, tannic beast. On the other hand the 2004 Muncagota, often the most approachable in the range early on, was a little bland and uninteresting a couple of months ago.

Any sense that your lesser rated wines will come around in time?

The Montefico is beautiful in 2008. I had already purchased the Rabaja and Asili before tasting. Now I do feel sad that I didn’t put my money on the Montefico, but hopefully that Asili will come around (or possibly that you had an odd bottle???) I can always hope.

This is a strange thread to resurrect, but a local wine store is clearing out their remaining '08 Barbarescos, and I wanted to ask the opinion of folks that are best-acquainted with these wines. I’m a novice who is looking to wade into Nebbiolo, and I’ve heard universal acclaim for Produttori del Barbaresco, so I’m wondering: if you had your choice of the '08 Sordo, Montefico, Asili, Montestefano, Ovello, Pora (they also stock the Rabaja, but it is significantly more expensive), how would you allocate your purchases?

Just read the above posts and you have your answer, from quite knowledgable people.

Ovello, and Montestefano would be my one and two.

Rabaja and Montefico for me…

Rabaja and Asili for me. Yes the Asili is excellent.

If you read AG’s tasting notes on the complete 08 lineup, you’ll get a different set of scores to base your decision on. But if you take common the top scorers from the two lists and the recommendations listed in this thread you’ll be able to make a good list up.

If you are going to go deep on any of these, like more than 4 bottles of any one of them, I would pop one now and see if you really like it. I made what may turn out to be a mistake and bought 9 Pora before I finally poured one and it was disappointing. Hopefully it shut down or was some sort of bottle variation.

Just finishing an 08 Paje now…only fair/lighter, as the OP described, so may need 10+ years. Asili and Rabaja were definitively great 2 months ago, so fer sure recommended. Also bought montestefano and montefico untasted, regular annual purchase.
08 Ovello just got 3 bicchieri from GR, fwiw. It’s usually the most rough n tumble of the lot, if you’re into that style. Might be a nice romp.

Skip the Rio Sordo and Pora, buy 1/3 montefico, and scatter amongst the rest so you get a feel later on for the vineyards. Note that Asili typically doesn’t show all that well young, but generally blossoms with time. And just because Rabaja is more expensive, don’t skip it. It is often the crowd pleaser of the bunch.

If you are new, allow yourself to try them all (not today but a number of years down the line). So perhaps go deeper in those mentioned above but don’t rule anything out until you’ve tried it for yourself (during its window).