TN- 2008 Mugnier Nuits St Georges 1er Cru Clos de la Marechale

I haven’t had too many 2008 red Burgs, and hadn’t really planned on buying any, but after tasting this I had to run, not walk, out and grab some.

- 2008 Mugnier Nuits St Georges 1er Cru Clos de la Marechale
Poured into a decanter from magnum, then served. Gorgeous purity on the nose, almost Chambollish, but the fruit was definitely a tad rougher and less feminine on the palate, but I’m really being picky. Despite that, it was somewhat light, with beautiful floral aspects intertwined with light, crisp red berry fruits, some leather and a mouth-wateringly crisp, long finish. Talk about weightless weight, this had it in spades, but with the structure to last for the ages. Really lovely.
Cheers! [cheers.gif]

How does it stack up against the '06 and the '07?


Olivier, sorry but I never had them. Maybe someone else can chime in?

Haven’t had the '08, but here’s my note for the '07:

2007 Mugnier Clos de la Marechale, Monday, May 17, 2010 - Real deal quality here, the most stuffing of any '07 I’ve had. Dark nose of black cherries, rich soil and iron is sappy and wonderful, if not extremely pure. Raw material abounds with dark red fruits wrapped around an earthy core of medium grained tannins backed by ample acidity. Very very slightly drying/stemmy finish. The depth is there, this just needs time, and I think it will be really good in 10 years but may shut down soon. Really well rounded and nice drive, but lacks some refinement.

Based on the recent CT notes, it has shut down since I tasted.

Every bit of information is always appreciated, thank you sir!

The '05 Clos de la Marechale is easily the best IMHO. I thought the '06 and '07 were OK, but nothing to get particularly excited about. Thought the '07 had that slight herbal “fly spray” thing that has been talked about, but this might have settled a bit since I had it. The '08 is young yet, and will be better as it fills out a bit, but this would be my second pick. The '04 looks quite green now…

I respectfully disagree about 06. I had one last July, and found it opulent and captivating in almost every way, price especially. I love the 05, but won’t touch another for 10 to 15 years. The 06 is spot on right now, with very minimal decanting.

Thanks for the note on the 08 Mugnier CdM - I have a couple in the cellar and have been tempted to try.

I second the motion to buy 2008 Burgundy - I personally believe it will go down as a classic vintage. I know it is trendy to say that at the moment, but it’s true.

Totally agree about '06.
A bottle last January was quite tasty and caught attention in a loaded lineup. Fwiw.
Thanks, Michel for the note on the '08.

I just picked up 5 bottles of the 08 based on this thread. When they ship (probably not until this fall) - I will open one and post notes.

Really like this '08 and love the '07 Marechale at La Paulee… I need to open an '05 again soon! CHEERS and thanks for the note Michel.

Don’t worry - you made a great decision. From what I have heard, the 10’s are outstanding!

Funny, I remember you making fun of me for buying this wine a few months back for $54.


But that was hardly a magnum? [cheers.gif]

I had the '08 recently and thought it was really superb. Certainly the best bottling since the '05, for my palate.

Yep, my bad. I’ll admit when I was wrong. I love 06 reds, so I’m dying to try the 06 of this.

One of my favorite wines and one I normally pick up 2 cases of in each vintage. That being said the 08 is fantastic. Drinking better than even the 05 ever did.

Thanks for the note Michel, a really lovely bottle of wine.

Here are my notes on 4 of the last 5 releases; I can’t find my note on the 07.


2008 J-F Mugnier Nuits-St-Georges ‘Clos de la Marechale’: This is a tight ball of red fruit and mineral energy. The ‘Clos des Fourches’ was a lot better drink last week at this early stage and if you like young Burgs save your dough and drink the Fourches now. However there’s latent power and good underlying structure. It has a lovely white flower note that shows up after sucking in some air and the tannins are prominent and chewy. It has the finesse of the Domaine but muscle of the vineyard and should be something special in 10+ years.

2006 J-F Mugnier Nuits-St-Georges ‘Clos de la Marechale’: Oak is well seasoned and imparts ginger to the aroma of pomegranate, cherry and minerals. It is beautifully proportioned with almost ‘Chambollesque’ pretty sweet things sleeping on a firm Nuits mattress of crushed rocks, meat and earth. An elegant package that has just a skerrick of quinine bitterness to the finish that subsides to leave only ethereal perfume as the final impression.

2005 J-F Mugnier Nuits-St-Georges ‘Clos de la Marechale’: A bit of oak derived vitamin B when first poured but breathes up nicely. This is very primary, super ripe and plush with notes of blood plum, dark cherries and purple flowers. It is certainly a lot looser than it would have been under the direction of Faiveley but is a delicious drink. I’m keen to see how Freddy’s version looks with a bit of bottle age on it.

2004 J-F Mugnier Nuits-St-Georges ‘Clos de la Marechale’: Loaded with TPCTSNRDL, tonic water, dried flowers, mirepoix, raspberries, pomegranate and earth. In the mouth it is crisp and detailed, with fine yet prevalent acidity and a thinness that should plump out with bottle age. There’s a lovely base of earth and slight quinine bitterness to the finish. If you don’t like the general attributes of 04 this ‘aint’ for you. I like it and think it will be very smart given another 5-8 years in the cellar.

I’ve already opened two of these and now wish that I bought more…but maybe they will drop below $50 as the 2007 did after a while and I’ll pick up more (perhaps even hit $39 as the 2007 did on sale a while back).

As for a comparison to prior vintages, I don’t have much experience with the 2004-2006, but after having a few 2007s and a couple 2008s, I think the 2008 is a better wine, with greater purity of fruit and better aging potential, and having tried the 2006, 2007 and 2008 together at Mugnier last year (2008 from tank before bottling), I think the 2008 showed side-by-side as the clearly stronger of the 3 vintages, notwithstanding that all three showed nicely, with good similarity and good progression from vintage to vintage. At under $50, a wonderful QPR, at $70 give or take perhaps not as much, but still worth buying/cellaring.

Knightsbridge has this for $49, with free shipping on a case. That price isn’t available through their website - you have to email them at I’m not a buyer (for budgetary reasons), but thought some in this thread might be interested.