TN: 2008 Jacques-Frédéric Mugnier Chambolle-Musigny

  • 2008 Jacques-Frédéric Mugnier Chambolle-Musigny - France, Burgundy, Côte de Nuits, Chambolle-Musigny (12/20/2012)
    This is simply wonderful!. The nose is slightly aromatic, with spice and red fruit, and it has a slightly masculine feel, but in a very pure and clear 2008 way. There is also a little meatiness mixed in with the bright red fruit, and a slight aromatic wood hint. In the mouth, the fruit is cool and bright, with a deep red cherry, cologne, and a slight blood/broth perception. The swallow is delicious, pure, and persistent.

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Love this note. Thanks!

Always encouraging to hear of a 2008 that hasn’t closed down. I intend to open a few over the holidays. Thanks!

The wines of Mugnier are definitively the most beautiful definition of finesse. Dreams in a bottle.

Does anyone share my perception that this wine(at least in most vintages) is at its best young?

Yes Tom, I do. And I’m very glad to hear you saying such a thing!


Drank a 2008 Barthod CM last week. It was also very nice. I have been drinking plenty of 08s and '09s lately. Everything I have drunk has been opened or did open after some time.

Nice note. I have some of this laying around. Think I picked it up for $60. There’s some discrepancy in some of the threads regarding 08s, some ppl saying shut down, some ppl saying drinking well.

I feel this way about quite a few Burgundies and Rieslings.

Depends upon your definition of ‘young’. 2005 is drinking splendidly now but it has legs to go on much longer and indeed improve.

If it makes a difference, my bottle was not pop and pour (I should have stated that). I opened it with the intention of drinking on the spot, but ended up running out of the house for a kids school event that I had forgotten about. So bottle was opened for three or four hours before drinking.

Big plus one! Since 09 though I can’t get used to popping $100 plus for it even though it probably is still worth it. One of my all time favs. Had a beautiful 06 last night with a local group and everyone commented on the silky texture and elegance.

06 was lovely last night but I can see this improving with 3-5 more yrs on it.