TN: 2008 J.K. Carriere Pinot Noir (USA, Oregon, Willamette Valley)

  • 2008 J.K. Carriere Pinot Noir - USA, Oregon, Willamette Valley (2/24/2012)
    4 hours after opening. Clear dark ruby color. Expressive aromas… lavender, sage, sandalwood, chalk, cherry and fig. Highlights vibrant and open flavors of red raspberry, cherry and tea, with underlying layers of earth and spice. Supple and graceful with a polished structure. Full juicy finish. Really nice right now, will be even better as the savory notes on the bouquet emerge in the palate. (92 pts.)

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Nice to see a note on J.K. Carriere. I have a few going back to 2001 in the cellar. I love the wines, but wish the prices (other than the very reasonably priced Provocateur) were a bit lower.

I’m a J.K. Carriere fan also. Your note prompted me to check in on a 2008 last night with a chunk of salmon. I can’t disagree with much that you’ve written. This wine has red fruit, tannin and acidity in spades. I was surprised at the size and pleased by how well balanced it is. Not obnoxious, jammy or over ripe in any way. Where our experiences differ is that it shut down hard after about 1.5 hrs in the glass. Nice wine, great potential, glad I bought piles of 08 OR PN.

David, interesting note about is shutting down in glass. My notes were a newly poured glass, and I didn’t have in glass long enough to look at it from that angle. I did revisit two days later (after moving to a smaller bottle and vacuuming) and it was still drinking okay, albeit with more of a simplicity… although I was questioning the integrity of my palate after eating tacos with spicy salsa earlier in the evening.

Their 08s are fantastic. Love them. Thanks for the note.