TN: 2008 Domaine Robert Chevillon Nuits St. Georges 1er Cru Les Cailles

  • 2008 Domaine Robert Chevillon Nuits St. Georges 1er Cru Les Cailles - France, Burgundy, Côte de Nuits, Nuits St. Georges 1er Cru (3/19/2012)
    Hmm, 2008. Didn’t like it much at first but since then my palate has veered somewhat in the AFWE direction, so why not take another peek with a bottle of wine from one of my favorite producers?

First thing I noticed upon lifting the glass was a pungent, phantasmagorical nose of anise, lavender, licorice, fennel, and stone. (If they made crack cocaine in Nuits-St-Georges surely this is what it would be like to inhale.) But does the wine match up? Initial impressions were that flavor-wise, it’s a knockout, but it didn’t have the concentration or length I expected (which was my original complaint with 2008). I ended up conflicted.

Save half the bottle, on to day two. As expected the nose had backed off a bit (always the case with gas), but damned if the wine itself didn’t turn 180 degrees and gain a ton of weight, having developed a thick and tannic spine to hold all that flavor. Surely this bodes well for future aging. Will this make me go out and buy tons of 2008? Chevillon, certainly, and I’m going to selectively explore a few other favorite producers, but I will keep most of my powder dry for 2010 (which apparently is 2008 on steroids). After spending some time on Wine-Searcher it’s clear that 2008 is not a bargain vintage, maybe because little was imported to the USA, most of which has already been picked clean. Plus it’s pre-arrival time for 2010, with prices that certainly aren’t cheap but definitely better than you’ll see again (barring a financial meltdown). (94 pts.)

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Chevillon’s Cailles can be so amazing. Thanks for the note.

Cailles is always going to be the least concentrated of Chevillon’s big 3 – it tends to be a finesse wine. When you’re craving something weighty, go for the Vaucrains.

I’m not sure of the current pricing, but 2008 certainly was a bargain Chevillon vintage. Zachys sold this wine for $50; Premier Cru had the Chaignots and Roncieres for $40.

Ouch. Thus are the advantages of buying pre-arrival, lol. Have you had the 2008 Vaucrains? Richard Jennings’ (comparatively) negative note on it scares me off.

The PC prices were prearrival but the Zachys sale wasn’t. I haven’t opened any of my Vaucrains but a negative note from one person on a Chevillon isn’t enough to scare me. Chevillon might have a more consistent quality record than anyone else in Burgundy if you ask me.

True that. They are awesome in classic years, and in ripe years one of my first thoughts… especially Cailles.

I bought about 10 bottles of 2008 Chevillon Vaucrains and Cailles from Premier Cru. I would love to try one and be able to contribute to this thread; however, PC still has not delivered my wine.

I have only one or two bottles each of the 2008 Domaine Robert Chevillon NSG Les Cailles, Vaucrains, and Roncieres so will try to hold them until best drinking window. I do have a bottle of the 2004 Chevillon NSG V.V. and wonder about the “mean greenies.” Any reference points on this bottling?
Michael, have you asked them to deliver? I e-mailed Premier Cru and have a shipment due for delivery around March 26.

You have a shipment of 2008 Chevillon Vaucrains and/or Cailles due for dleivery on March 26? I have been told my wines are not in yet.

[quote=“Jane Crabill”] I do have a bottle of the 2004 Chevillon NSG V.V. and wonder about the “mean greenies.” Any reference points on this bottling?[quote]

I had the 2004 NSG on St. Patrick’s day. It was a bit brambly/agressive and not very smooth, but I thought it was okay. But I have a pretty forgiving palate since I drink a good share of plonk and the green meanies don’t seem to affect me much.

I haven’t had that bottling but I’ve experienced noticeable GMs in both the Ronciere and Chaignot. Not the worst by any means but definitely noticeable and I’m low sensitivity on them.

How appropriate!!

Keith, I’m glad someone appreciates my intentions. It actually went well with corned beef, cabbage, and soda bread.

[basic-smile.gif] Make note to remind Stuart to have one of his 04 Rousseau’s next year.