TN: 2008 Domaine André & Mireille (Bénédicte & Stéphane) Tissot Arbois Sélection

Pale straw.

Quite intense aromas of waxy lemon preserve, plasticine, dry white flowers, celery leaf, salty brine, sweet nuts and bruised apple. Crushed seashell, wood glue and a bit of laquer come through as well. Complex and nuanced, but not for everybody.

Palate is less obtuse and has nice waxy texture, bright acidity, balanced alcohol and decent persistence that is savory and distinct. Flavors follow the nose with nutty and brine notes, crushed rock, more bruised apple, wood glue and plasticine. Salty, tangy and waxy, quite invigorating and challenging to taste, I nailed this wine blind. The oxidative and aldehydic nature of the vinification is the signature stamped on this wine and once you tasted it, you’ll never forget it.

It is interesting to think about sense of place in the context of Jura. Does the oxidative nature of Jura wine (not all of the Tissot wine is oxidative) minimize or enhance a sense of place?