TN: 2008 Copain Syrah James Berry Vineyard (USA, California, Central Coast, Paso Robles)

Replacement cost of $30 for this on Wine Bid this week so I figured, what the hell, let’s see what’s under the cork in the final bottle I had been keeping in the cellar. As an aside, there has been a string of Copain going through Wine Bid lately, including some older bottles of Brosseau, Kiser En Bas, the stuff I really dig from the winery. It’s been a great steal to take these from Wine Bid, so this is probably the last one I will do. There is some 07 Kiser En Haut there but at $65, it becomes $80 and I will simply trust my last TN on that wine and pass on the test drive. Anyway, blah blah blah, thanks for reading my TN. If you are moved to reply, fire away. Love to hear it.

  • 2008 Copain Syrah James Berry Vineyard - USA, California, Central Coast, Paso Robles (6/15/2015)
    Just shy of 2 years since the last bottle. It’s kind of a trip to sit down with a Copain syrah that has these kinds of flavors, all stuffed up with blue and black tones. The bottles has been laying down for several years and I can see the gunk all caked up along the neck of the bottle. Anyway, open and to the taste. This to me is starting to soften, as just open an hour and at room temp (70f#, this is pretty approachable. I was expecting more coil, maybe some chalk or olive, stem…not seeing any of this right now. There is a bucket of dark, berry-like fruit, with touch a hint of raisin, dark chocolate, yet it has the Copain touch to show some juicy tones so the fruit isn’t all about density and sweetness. Given the higher booze ABV on this, we’ll revisit tomorrow as a glass or so is about as much as I can do…roll forward another day, basically the same conditions–temp, stem and a clean palate. This is really a juicy rendition of JB. Further, it does kind of reflect the Copain shift, which is clearly evident in the newer vintages like 11 and 12 #not JB, of course, but the house style is my point). It has the juicy base. Heat? Nah, don’t find it. As it sits and fleshes out, the juicy blue tones elongate and the wine shows the acidity that is also part of the new era Copain style. With all that is here in the glass tonight, no rush to drink these if you have them. And, if there is any thought that this will be warmer edged Paso-ripe, it ain’t. Should last another 5 years, I’d think. Good, but not great and epic like the 2007.

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