TN: 2008 Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc

Got a bottle at Costco for $23 to give it a try. Haven’t had a CB SB in probably four or five years since all of the WS hype, so I figured what the heck at this price point. But what a disappointment. Light straw color with a nose of Welch’s White Grape Juice. Palate was high in acid with a singular flavor of pineapple. Mouthfeel was thin, almost like water without any real texture. This seemed like just generic plonk and not the NZ “Flagship” SB. You can find MUCH better for 40 to 50% the cost of admission here.

I’ve seen it at Costco here too, surprisingly, and I’ve bypassed it because it’s such a poor value. That said, previous vintages have had a much more SB-like bouquet than what you described.

Was '08 really hot in NZ?

Melissa, I have no idea on the growing season for NZ in '08. I just took a flier because the price has crept down from a high of $35 to $40 to give it a try. I think Brancott or Kim Crawford blows the CB away for considerably less money.

I think Costco has it for $13.99, but don’t quote me on it.

Not to mention you can find things like Crochet Sancerre at $20 or so a bottle.

Yeah, and it would be varietally correct I would imagine.

Portlanders willing to slum it a bit should check out your local Grocery Outlet. 2008 Isabel Sauvignon Blanc for $4.99. It’s another dump from Leucadia, the importer. Very classic and true to Marlborough.

Bill – I actually really dug the 2008 Cloudy Bay the couple times I’ve had it; thought it was a total return to the glory days for this wine. At $23 (or $20 when Costco had it a few months back … price crept back up a touch) it was a good price. I thought the Kim Crawford in 2008 was much more disappointing.

But the king 2008 SB for me to date from NZ was the Brancott Reserve. Every bit the wine I thought Cloudy Bay was for only $14. A hell of a deal and well worth seeking out if you like NZ SB.

An over priced wine in every sense.

I felt the same way about the 2007 and didn’t like the 2008 either. Both were so tart I couldn’t get through a glass of either vintage.

My take on the Kim mCrawford 2008 is that it was overcropped. 2008 was a huge increase in volume for Marlborough, roughly 35% over their largest harvest. I have been a fan of theirs for the last several vintages. The 2008 is just not their. One that I have been very impressed with is Palliser Estate 2008 from Martinborough. I really like the racy texture and flavors for $19. Also the 2008 Villa Maria Private Bin is very good for about $13. Vintcent, which Grocery Outlet did you find the Isabel 2008 ?

We had one of these the other night and it was extremely thin and green bell pepper city- a huge decrease in quality from previous years.

My local outlet is in Hollywood, but I imagine a few other stores might have it. Hard to beat that deal. Fans of Cloudy Bay might always do better to look for the Isabel, but right now the price is laughably low.

Bill, we had quite a bit of the 07/08 KC SB in Costco when they opened the inner loop Houston store, however, have not seen any since. The $13.99 price was by far the lowest that I have seen recently. They are stacked with the CB, you are correct, it is sweet water with a white grape splash. I believe it is still running for $22/bottle. Cheapest price in Houston that we have for KC SB is a grocery store, Randall’s, approx $15.40 if you buy a mixed sixer with a Randall’s card. We go through a ton of this during the summer, tonight it was great inside of red Dixie cups at a neighborhood park concert.

This is too bad. They used to make a really amazing SB. I stopped buying it maybe 5 years ago.

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Nico Manessis

Cloudy Bay is now the official Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio of New Zealand. Overpriced crap.

Cloudy Bay was my first introduction to New Zealand SB. It was terrific back then, but lately it has seem a bit bloated in terms of price and quality. Nowadays, I prefer Craggy Range and Matua when I want Kiwi juice.

Finally had this bottle which I picked up at Costco a few months ago. The wine is not bad, but rather one dimensional. Lots of the usual grapefruit with not much else going on. Good acidity and nice nose, but pretty monolithic. I think I will stick with Sancerre.

Big price reduction in New York.


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