TN: 2008 Cameron Clos Electrique Pinot Noir, Dundee Hills, OR

2008 Cameron Clos Electrique Pinot Noir, Dundee Hills, OR

The 2007 was singing the other night so decided to try the next vintage. Cameron Funk on the nose, probably a 2 - 3 on the 10 scale. A fair dose of baking spice with some neutral wood and mild conifer. The fruit is more stewed than fresh consistent with the riper vintage. Black cherries, strawberry and red/black bramble preserves with a hint of citrus peel. On the elegant side compared to many 08s, there’s plenty of muscle and definition. Structure-wise this could easily go 10 more years. I’m not equally confident that the fruit can keep up. A typically well balanced Cameron Pinot with stealthy acidity that quietly keeps the wine integrated. Some massaging tannins and a long moderately intense finish. This wine avoids a number of 08 pitfalls…over-ripeness, overbearing structure or over compensating with oak. I don’t love the vintage…despite the early claims of greatness, but no regrets. Drink or hold.



The 1994 vintage was reasonably similar to 2008. I picked up a few 1994 wines from the Herbfarm wondering how that early hyped vintage had held up, and they have more than exceeded my expectations. Maybe your 2008s just need another 14 years :wink:

Marcus, that’s more patience than I have. The 2008 CE would’ve been more than fine had I not just had such a killer 2007. The winemakers skill and touch are discernible in both. I’m sure some would prefer 2008. A chacun son gout.