TN- 2008 Bize Savigny-lès-Beaune Aux Vergelesses

This was popped and poured on a whim tonight. I was afraid this might be shut down, given that some of the '08s seem to be entering that phase of their lifespan, but this was absolutely lovely. Bright red fruits & orange pith on the nose. The palate is dominated by zesty acids & fine grained tannins. This is all about purity. As delicious as it is now, there is tremendous upside here. Fantastic qpr. I shoulda bought a case (or two!)…

I love this wine in every vintage, but especially in 2008.

I think Bize might be the very best value in Burgundy these days. Wines are great and prices are sane.

I would have agreed a few years back, but they have raised their prices quite a bit over the last few years. I like J & M Pavelot as much or better and their prices have not taken such a leap.

Oh wait, all burgs are too expensive, lean and stinky. Never mind. Buy something else. [wink.gif]

Bize was hit very hard in the hail storm of the 23rd July. On average 80% damage including all of Grand Liards. 2013 will be very hard on growers with most of their holdings in Savigny.

Good to hear, I’d had two shut down 08s (not Bize) and had decided to put them all away. Maybe I can still risk a few.

Loved it young, wasted one a year ago or so…now there’re 4 left. I completely agree Todd, definitely should’ve gone longer.


My sample size is small but I have loved the 2008 from Bize. I paid $37 for 2008 Simon Bize Savigny-lès-Beaune 1er Cru Les Fournaux and thought it was brilliant. Got some Vergelesses but haven’t tried any yet. Looks like that will be soon though. Bize and Lafouge are my two best values for recent Burgundy (small sample size caveat, though)

Anyone have any thoughts or notes on the '10 version of this wine?

I opened one maybe six weeks ago, found it to be downright fantastic. I don’t really take notes, but it was delishious.

I have only the Guettes and Fourneaux in 2008, and glad I do. Vergelesses is usually near $60 these days. The 07 Vergelesses is surprisingly good, too, fwiw, and relatively open now from 375s.

Patrick Bize is making lovely wines and in my opinion is the Mugnier of Savigny. I like his whites too as they are a nice QPR. His Latricieres Chambertin is also quite nice.