TN 2008 Anderson Conn Valley Eloge

This is a really nice wine. Opened under less than ideal circumstances, after a baseball game, thankfully my indulgence at said game was not over the top. (The Orioles won BTW) A fruit forward wine with a nose of vanilla, oak, cassis, cherry, red jam, and pencil. Similar on the palate, but with wonderful richness and purity of fruit. The structure is already velvet in display and coats the mouth with layer after layer. Crisp acidity and a good 45 second finish. For $75, a no brainer - steal this wine and let it rest for 15 years. 96 Pts

Curious where you found this for $75. Nice deal. Thanks for the note. And GO O’s!

Jaime - I have a few of these in my cellar and was wondering how they are aging so thanks much for the TN.

Mike, I got mine from WineLibrary for also $75; I got the Estate Reserve Cab from WL for $80; I’m psyched to have some age-worthy cali cabs/blends in my cellar!

Mike, I bought mine at Vinin Square Liquors in Swampscott, Mass.

PS I caught a fair amount of ribbing with my Os hat on last night, but I got the last laugh!

Mark, let 'em sleep. They will be fabulous in 10 to 15 years.

Thanks Jamie. Great price for sure. Picked mine up at the winery for a tad more, and I think I even got a discount. Interesting!

You’re welcome Mike. This store does tend to have some great prices. Recently, I picked up a 750 of 2003 Yquem for $200 - their last bottle!

Turns out I’ve got the ’07 Elogé and the ’08 Cab Estate Reserve (which is tracking @94.5 on CT now, not that that means anything as it’s being drunk too young…). Can’t wait to try these with my son in a decade or so!

Mark, a friend had the 01 Eloge about a year ago and said it was phenomenal. I am not the best judge when it come to age worthiness of California wines. I have always been partial to Monte Bello, but then again every bottle that I own is French. [snort.gif] [cheers.gif]

The '01 is the only vintage I’ve had - had 2 of them about 2 yrs ago and thought they were fantastic. I’m waiting for my '07 to mature.

Thia is one of my favorite cab based wines I opened an 06 & 07 after they showed up on wineacces for under $70 in 2010. Thought both had great potential I plan to open another 06 when it cools off this fall but the 07’s seem like good candidates for the 2020’s.

The eloge is made by their imported winemaker. Dude clearly knows what he’s doing!

Eloge is great stuff. I would love to try one with some time on it. As I said, Angelo raved about the 01. Based on reviews, it seems that the 01 and 07 are a cut above the others?

I drank the 07 and 02 Eloge last week. The 07 rules, while I didn’t care for the 02 (although 10 others did).

Wondering what you mean by " imported winemaker? "

Carrie, one of the staff, but not the lead winemaker I think (that’s Mac Sawyer) is from Bordeaux. My memory is a bit hazy (had a pretty ridiculous day there!), but I believe the Eloge, and Right Bank are his pet projects. I’m terrible with names, but I met hm… Will try to track down his name.

I recall enjoying the '02 far more than the '07. More restrained and Bordeaux-like.

Had the '99 Eloge last week. We picked it up from the winery last summer. It was rockin. I think it had a high percentage of Cab Franc in the blend as I was getting a good dollop of green pepper, but it was a great wine. I’m more and more impressed with ACV with every bottle.

Mac actually grew up in Lafayette, CA, went to UC Davis and as part of the UC exchange program
he went to France to study, after that he came back and made wines for a few wineries before
landing at ACV in 2000.

Right. I was talking about someone other than Mac. Can’t recall his name.