TN: 2007 Weingut Michlits Pinot Noir Burgenland 07 (Austria, Burgenland)

  • 2007 Weingut Michlits Pinot Noir Burgenland 07 - Austria, Burgenland (7/23/2009)
    Lovely dinner at Elaine’s in Chapel Hill. I’ve never had an Austrian Pinot. Darker than I figured. Nose of bright, bright cherries, quite lovely. Tart flavors, a little meaty, light-medium bodied, bright spicy cherry and strawberry. Minimal tannins. Organic producer, 14% alcohol, I think about $20 retail. After this and having tried a taste of a surprisingly big Pinot/Gamay from Switzerland on Monday night (the Robert Gilliard Dole des Monts 2006) I’m starting to forget the really crappy German Pinot’s I’ve had. (89 pts.)

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(Upgraded from 87 to 89 as it opens up and fleshes out while having a glass sitting at home with the remains)

They also make a really tasty frizzante Rose of Pinot Noir. About $18 or so.

Actually that is what CellarTracker insists I drank! There is no existing listing for this wine and it keeps changing “red” to “pink” and “sparkling”. Eric I’ve got the bottle right here! It really, really is a Pinot!