TN: 2007 The Treat Cabernet Sauvignon

As I mentioned in another thread, this reminded me very much of the 06 Schrader GIII I had a few months ago.

  • 2007 The Treat Cabernet Sauvignon - USA, California, Napa Valley (4/28/2010)
    Taking one for the wine berserkers team tonight by popping this just 24 hours after it arrived… Opened and consumed over the course of a couple hours. Deep dark violet color with some cassis, toast and a touch of mocha on the nose. For me, on the palate is where this wine really shines with a super smooth texture that opens up to show rich dark fruits framed by soft vanilla right through to the finish. Tannins are like velvet… Really tasty right now and I highly doubt that I’ll be able to stay away from the other two bottles for very long. This is exactly what I look for in a Napa Cab as it gracefully walks the fine line of being not too wimpy and not over the top… (94 pts.)

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Thanks for taking one for the team. Your note makes me happy to have grabbed a 3pack of this wine…especially the “not over the top” part. Sounds great. What are your thoughts on the drinking range of this wine…does it have the stuffing to age for 10+ years you think?


Thanks so much, Rob. I bought this on blind faith in the winemakers and vineyard, and very much appreciate reading a great note!

Thanks. Mine come later today. I guess I can go get my corkscrew… flirtysmile

[worship.gif] Thanks Mr. Mackay!

Usually I think of the more harshly tannic wines as those that need to extended time in bottle for those tannins to subside (think Dunn Howell Mtn) and that’s certainly not where this wine is at since the tannins are so soft and smooth… 10+ years? I don’t know. I do know that I will never find out… Mine are going to be lucky to last 10+ months…

notes like this make me happy I went all in 3 pack, mag and double mag [berserker.gif]

If you drink one and don’t like it, you know where to find me… I’ll take them off your hands… [cheers.gif]

Thanks for the insight Rob, cheers.

Arrived today. I’ll probably put them away for at least 6 months to allow them to settle down. Although I don’t know it’s necessary, with only 3 bottles I don’t want to use a bottle up when it’s disjointed and I could have prevented it.

Thanks for taking one for the team!