TN: 2007 The Sum (75 wine) Cabernet

I was not of a fan of 75 when it first came out, some 3-4 years ago. Found it at Costco for $14.99 and the note from RMP sounded great.

I think Mr Parker nailed this wine, a hedonistic wine, delish, chock full of black and blue fruit. I love the wine, will go back for a couple of cases.


Which Costco did you find this at?

Thanks for the heads up,


I wasn’t a fan about a year ago, way to thick and syrup like, no acid and totally flabby

maybe this has gotten better?

The Sum, while mostly Cab, is a Meritage blend. There is a straight Cabernet as well.

Had the '07 at the local wine shop / wine bar- Northampton for about $22 or so retail off the shelf. Thought it was a deal at that price.

Calicaro Wine

Chris, it was the La Mesa Costco.

Thanks Otto! I need some daily drinkers. This sounds like a good fit.