TN 2007 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir

TN: 2007 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir, Clone 115/667 - Ruby red in color. Pop and poured. Viscous legs form on the glass after swirling the wine. The wine is closed on the nose and has bitter cherry, heat and acidity on first sip. Giving the wine 30 minutes before I return to it.

Got busy so the wine had 40 minutes to breathe. Black cherry on the nose and its rolling from the glass. First sip is a mouthful of black cherry that fades to cherry and then black raspberry. Acidity is still apparent and the heat is quickly leaving making the 14.6 % alcohol more believable. The wine coats the mouth like it did the glass and each sip has a longer finish. Should have decanted this wine or opened it several hours ago. The black cherry up front and the black raspberry on the finish are gaining in intensity as the wine opens up some more.

Carrie will put her notes on behind mine.

I’d like to tell you who produces the wine but we sell it, so I can’t. neener

2007 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir Clone 115/667
Ruby red in color and a little cloudy . Medium body, Mostly cherry on the nose but a little shy on aromatics, it could be the goofy customer that just hugged me with cologne on. The palate is vibrant sweet cherry, strawberry , vanilla, spice, cola notes and a tiny hint of orange zest or something like that on the back of the palate, not a negative but can’t quite wrap my senses around it. Nice mouthfeel and balance. It will benefit from some age but we couldn’t wait !

Dude, this is not cool!

I’ve said it privately and publicly that you CAN, and give all details you want, just also state that you sell it, and all is well. He/she/they who took issue are satisfied with that one little detail.

Carrie, hit him for me, would ya?

Aah, he’s just funnin’ ya. I will hit him with the bottle we’re drinking but it will leave
a BIG dent in his noggin.

Aston Estate 2007 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir Clone 115/667
a punt you could put your fist in and the bottle must weigh 6 lbs.

If it is heavy glass and a huge punt, it’s GOT to be great wine!