TN: 2007 Scholium Project The Prince In His Caves Farina

  • 2007 Scholium Project The Prince In His Caves Farina - USA, California, Sonoma County, Sonoma Mountain (7/28/2009)
    Cloudy: looks either like fresh apple cider, or a sample you might give to your doctor. On the nose, hint of cat pee, but mostly tropical fruits. Lush fruits, but mostly minerals in the mouth. I don’t drink much SB, but when Abe hits it, he hits it out of the park. As the Gunner would have said, “Open the windows Aunt Minnie, this baby is out of here!”.

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If it smells like cat pee, why would you put it in your mouth?

Ever drink a slightly bretty wine?

Nope, just bdx.

Oh, extremely bretty, then.

Urine good health . . . I saw that slogan on a piss drinker’s t-shirt on Howard Stern.

had this wine a few weekends ago with friends in Merced. had enjoyed the 06 via a few bottles. didn’t get any cat pee whatsoever, more like a mixture of 2/3 pineapple juice and 1/3 Sav Blanc. 07 is more viscous right now than i remember 06 being and i also got some grapefruit in the nose. i like Abe’s wines and liked this more than others did that day.