TN: 2007 SCEA La Tache St. Joseph Cuvée Guillamy

2007 SCEA La Tache St. Joseph Cuvée Guillamy - France, Rhône, Northern Rhône, St. Joseph (6/20/2018)
Three years since my last taste of this wine, and a transformation has happened. What was once a rather screechy, high toned wine, has become a meaty, leathery, earthy wine with supporting structure and a mouthwatering finish. This is mature Northern Rhône Syrah with no artifice, just a clear view to a place. Lovely now and for a while to come.

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Not familiar with this producer, but will seek it out based on your note. WineSearcher not showing anything.

Selection Massale brought these wines in. If I recall correctly, they are made by a group of people who work the vineyards for Eric Texier and others in the area. There are (were?) two cuvees of Saint-Joseph, Guillamy and Badel, and from a quick glance at CellarTracker there seems to be a newer cuvee called “Bad Guy.” I bought a few vintages of the Guillamy and Badel and they were a lot like Texier wines, that is, excellent terroir-driven wines. I particularly liked their 2010s - not too surprising!

That matches my experience with my first 2 bottles. I still have one left. I have 09s and 10s, but haven’t opened any of those.

I have 2009 as well. Will wait a bit.

This wine is called La Tache? And de Villaine hasn’t filed a suit?

Here’s more on the producer.