TN: 2007 Rosenblum Cellars Syrah Vintners Cuvée (USA, California)

  • 2007 Rosenblum Cellars Syrah Vintners Cuvée - USA, California (4/30/2010)
    This is a difficult wine for me because I love high end Cali Syrah (Pax, Saxum, Carlisle, Kongsgaard, Copain etc.) and that really spoils me. I bought a case of this for a reception in my office because it was available very cheap and came highly recommended {A Dan Posner selection}. The wine was not bad, and it qualified as a reasonable, drinkable syrah with power and spice, but it was a bit too disjointed and monolithic for my taste. There was a bit of pepper, dark fruit, and some oaky vanilla. If you drink it side by side with wines that cost five times as much or more, you would use it to make stew, but that is not such a surprise. However, as an every day drinker or for large groups, it’s 100 times better than the average crap you get at wedding receptions. I also think that it has prospects for improvement over the next few years as its rawness calms down a bit and more flavors poke their nose above water. NOTE that 84 is the high end of good, which is not a bad grade for a wine that costs about $8.50 a bottle. (84 pts.)

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Thanks for the note. Picked up a few myself.

I have been advised by the esteemed Mr. Posner, who is a no-longer secret lurker on this BB, that I paid $7.25 a bottle for this wine instead of $8.50, with no shipping because I picked it up myself. Thus, since the wine was approximately 15% cheaper than I said, he probably thinks I should increase the rating by 15%, bringing it to 97 pts. That’s a bit much, but I suppose with a QPR factor it might deserve a bit more than my 84 pts. Maybe 85 or 86, or possibly 84.5.