TN: 2007 Ridge Zinfandel Paso Robles (USA, California, Central Coast, Paso Robles)

  • 2007 Ridge Zinfandel Paso Robles - USA, California, Central Coast, Paso Robles (12/12/2010)
    14.5% alcohol. 100% Zinfandel from Dusi Ranch Vineyard in Paso Robles, planted in 1923. A great year for wine lovers, but a terrible year for baseball. On October 15, the New York Yankees beat the New York Giants to win their first ever World Series, four games to two.

Popped and poured. Dark ruby red. Expressive red fruit aromas. Rich and concentrated cherry, blackberry and plum on the palate. Very pure and opulent, less complexity than I’ve come to expect with Ridge zins. Very nice indeed! (90 pts.)

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Thanks Mike. I thought it improved with a lot of air. TN: 2007 Ridge Zinfandel Dusi Ranch

I opened a 2004 Paso Robles last week and was shocked at how dense and rich it was w/o the pruney flavors I expected. A killer wine. 100% zin also.

But I have a question for the Ridge cognoscenti. What’s the difference between the Paso Robles bottling & the Dusi ATP bottling? Can I assume the Dusi is the better barrels?

They are identical, just 2 different descriptions of the same wine. Ya gotta love Cellartracker entries.

No they are not the same wine. For example the 2007 Dusi is a Late Harvest with 1.4% RS while the 2007 Paso Robles is a dry wine (may have a small amount of RS but less than .5%)

Semantics. The “Paso Robles” is 100% Dusi sourced. The wine that Ridge designates as “Dusi” is a late harvest wine. This was the Paso “Dusi” table wine.

Not quite semantics. Brian stated the wines “are identical” not that they came from the same vineyard. Clearly a Late Harvest wine is not identical to a table wine (technically table wines are less than 14% alcohol). Also the Ridge Dusi bottling is not always Late Harvest, 2006 was dry. I believe Ridge defines Late Harvest wines as wines whose alcohol is 15% or greater. I think Wes Barton could probobly gives us a clearer picture on the diifernces (or for that matter Christopher Watkins of Ridge but I don’t think he is a Berserker).

Both bottlings go back to the '70s. (The '79 Paso is drinking well right now, btw.) Don’t recall why they always make two wines from that vineyard, but they do.

“Late Picked”, “Late Harvest” and “Essence” are just designations they use to characterize riper wines. LP are always dry, Essence have high r.s.

In the context of this thread they are the same wine as what I noted and what Mike noted were the same wine as neither mine nor his were late harvest. Look at the labels. Perhaps I posted my note in the wrong place.

Glad to be able to clear that up. newhere

Thanks for clearing that up Brian. I was responding to your reply to Mark C. Johnson who asked:

“But I have a question for the Ridge cognoscenti. What’s the difference between the Paso Robles bottling & the Dusi ATP bottling. Can I assume the Dusi is the better barrels?”

and your reply

“They are identical, just 2 different descriptions of the same wine. Ya gotta love Cellartracker entries.”

and I assumed that you were answering Mark’s question and not stateing that your tasting note posting was for the same wine wine as Mike posted the tasting note for. [cheers.gif]

The PasoRobles Zin and the ATP DusiRanch are absolutely not…never/never/never the same bttlgs, as mentioned above by others. Typically, the Dusi ATP are
the riper barrels of their PasoRobles Zin. Sometimes, if they have a little RS, they be labeled as LatePicked or (occasionally) LateHarvest.
And they used to occasionally make a very sweet Essence, but they had to stop. Leaving the grapes on the vine so long to reach the
Essence level of ripeness (low-mid 30 Brix) was soooooo against what BeniDusi knew about growing grapes. He was certain that all his
neighbors were laughing their heads off, certain that ole Beni had lost his marbles; that finally he told PaulDraper that he simply couldn’t
do it any longer for him. So the Ridge Essence now comes from LyttonSprings grapes.
Beni is an incredible guy. The last vnyd on your right as you drive into Paso from the South, not far across Hwy101 from bro’s DanteDusi vnyd.
Beni is in his 80’s and still loves getting out on his tractor and working the vnyd. The vnyd is impeccably maintained…very stony soil.
In the early yrs (mid-'70’s), by crackey, the Ridge PasoRobles Zins were not very good. Harvested down around 12.5-13% abv; they had
sort of a green/chalky character to them that differed from the other/riper Ridge Zins. Only when they started harvesting later, to 14-14.5% abv,
did they achieve the rich/opulent style they now are. What’s unique about the Ridge Paso & Dusi Zins is that they have loads of rich/jammy/
blackberry/boysenberry fruit, yet seldom show any overripe/late harvesty/pruney character…even when labeled LatePicked or LateHarvest.
But…then…what would I know…only followed 'em from the very start!!! [snort.gif]

Great summary Tom! Any insights as to how these age? My guess is they are earlier drinkers than Lytton or Geyserville?

What a like about the Paso/Dusi Zins are the lush/opulent fruit when they’re young. They don’t seem the have the
structure/tannins to age as well as the LS/Gysrvle. But, then, sometimes I get fooled. Rely on EricBaugher’s rec
for drinking window on the label, though they typically go out another 5 yrs beyond that.