TN- 2007 Quinta do Noval Vintage Porto

Been a while since I had a Port, and I am a bit rusty in general- but here goes,

Opened Saturday June 12th around 5PM. Sampled right at opening and sporadically over next two hours as bottle left open. Bottle sealed and refrigerated overnight with no gas or other preservative- and left open all day today, small sips this morning and at lunch with a full glass review this evening about 24 hours after opening.

At first opening a deep almost black color with vibrant magenta at the edges, a rich fruit-driven nose of cassis and blackberries, on the palate a generous depth of full fruit that is quite approachable and gives the impression of a sturdy Burgundy quickly transitioning into the strong acidic and alcohol finish that reminds one it is a Port in the glass, within a couple of hours better integrated with black raspberries, blackberries and even a slight forest floor note, sensational nose and on the palate remarkably silky, substantial tannins but they are well coated by the fruit, by the next evening in its full glory and reminiscent of a great Clos Vougeot with plums and chocolate notes, a racy piercing white stone note on the nose now with slight herb notes and plenty of dark spices ala St. Emilion, sensual and silky in its way but now on the tail end comes a wide wave of deep dark fruit to remind there is much more to come, this is amazingly drinkable- in fact I could see enjoying it with a meal instead of after at this stage, but as much as it impresses now I finally noticed that the great layered complexity has yet to come forth, yes- this is that good now and yes it will be that much greater in time, I am sufficently inexperienced with Port to confidently state I have no idea when this will shut down or when it will be at its best, but if I had to guess I would heartily advise that anyone buying a case enjoy 2-3 over the next few years and then lock up the rest for a good couple of decades- maybe risking one along the way to see if it does indeed shut down, a magnificent wine- right up there with 2003 Vesuvio and 1994 Taylor Fladgate as one of the greatest young Ports I have tried, that said there is something very different here and very much in the vein of 2007 in Germany and White Burgundy- so much potential in hiding and yet at the same time such a wild and wonderful exposition in the early days. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy this young!

(*****), 2025++ but I plan to drink a few more before 2025!

Great note Tom. I hope the move and settling in has gone well.

So far so good man. I emailed Tom Gutting on facebook. Once I get through a couple of month closes and some travel, we all need to do a tasting here. After this TN I plan to go through many of the 2007 Ports, so if you guys like Porto it could be a fun summer.

Sounds good Tom. I’ll be in DC until the end of July then hopefully back to Houston. I’ve just started exploring ports but I’d like to learn more. We should definitely plan for a few late summer port tastings.

Good deal. I will hold off getting too crazy on the 07 Ports until you get back. You picked a good vintage to get interested in them!

This is a really good Port. One of the six '07s I bought. Thanks for the note Tom.

Noval is on fire at the moment, and this is one of the very best Ports in an excellent vintage. I love it.

I loved this wine when I had it. here is my note:

2007 Quita do Novol Wow, this wine really rocks. Have I ever met a QdN I haven’t liked? Not this time, either. This wine has the same spice profile of the Black. It is unique, distinctive, and very enjoyable. However, this wine has a ton of red fruit, tar, earth, and a great structured backbone. It is open and lovely. Drink now or cellar for many, many yers. Or better yet, do both. 95 points

really good 2007 VP.My avatar is 2007 VP Noval.