TN: 2007 Produttori del Barbaresco Barbaresco (Italy, Piedmont, Langhe, Barbaresco)

2007 Produttori del Barbaresco Barbaresco - Italy, Piedmont, Langhe, Barbaresco (7/24/2015)
First time trying this since release, and it has loosened up a good bit. It’s still very tannic on the back end, and gets more tannic nice with air. That being said there is a good bit of red fruit, and hints of floral elements as well. Overall this is shaping up to be more classic than I might have expected based on the reputation of the vintage.

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Thanks for the notes. I’ve only had a few bottles, and not from 07. I remain curious about these, how long they take to develop, the differences in quality and satisfaction between the normale and the cru wines. Barbaresco is a black box to me still. The 05 Inhad a few months ago was still a tannic monster. Like the Barolo wall of tannin il there was a ten minute period of smoothness and then it just hit me square between the eyes …

Thoughts on its aging curve?

Given the tannic structure, and that there is plenty of fruit, I would expect that it can profit from 10 years in the cellar and go on from there.

The '67 I had a few weeks ago was a little past peak imho, but still quite good. I’m not in a hurry to finish the remaining bottles.

Good Nebbiolo goes the distance better than most. Hot vintages usually have the advantage of also being drinkable younger, though I guess they fade faster as well. I’d agree with David, and expect the '07 to keep improving for at least ten years, and last a decade or more beyond that.

The initial impression I got of 2007 Produttori was that they were very forward wines and ready to drink without holding back much reserve.

Your note suggest they have firmed up and show more structure.

I haven’t tasted them again but given your tasting note will try one soon.

It suggests that even ‘warm vintages’ don’t crash and burn but have capacity to age over 10-15 years with ease.

On a slight drift, I opened a 2009 Brovia Ca’mia yesterday (from a hotter vintage)…drinking so well right now but has just perceptible tannins. Will be interesting to track its development over number of years.

This is not going to crash and burn. I think that concept is largely unfounded.

We tasted the 9 crus in a horizontal half a year ago. For what was supposedly a hot vintage, the wines were restrained and showed no overt signs of overripeness, and individual differences were very well defined.

I’ve tried all the riservas at least twice, and have zero concern about their evolution. Because 2007 was somewhat written off they were available for a long time at very good prices.