TN: 2007 Pousse d'Or Volnay Clos de la Soixante Ouvrees

To me, this wine is the essence of Volnay.
Thank goodness I bought 2 cases of this.

Don you’ve been a fan of this bottling for some time haven’t you? Sometimes I envy Oenophiles who stock up and subsequently follow the development of a particular wine for many years.

Threads on buying habits are nothing new. My tendency is to explore, with lots of 2 - 6 bottle purchases. Haven’t bought a case of any one bottling (dedicated to my own cellar) in years. Still, it’s fun to speculate about how good a wine must be to spur the purchase of 2 cases.


I always buy in 3’s or 6’s depending mainly on my history with the wine and the price. I will usually taste early. If the wine is fabulous, like this Pousse d’Or, I will rebuy if the price is right. It is a rare occasion, that I do this however.
I really like this one.