TN: 2007 Pepiere Muscadet Clos des Briords (12% alc)

So after a morning of drizzle, the sun pokes it head out. For some reason my wife has an old copy of the Rolling Stones’ “Fancy Man Blues” playing in the kitchen CD player. So I decide to take the bottle of Clos des Briords that has been sitting on my desk for several days and head out back with an ice bucket. Year-in, year-out this is one of my tried and true house whites. But this was my first take on the 2007.

Nice day bright yellow color. Great nose, lots of citrus notes, lemon and a twist of lime. Bit of talc as well. As expected and hoped for, the palate shows a lot of acidity. You could pull a Demosthenes and gargle wet river rocks and still not get the same level of minerality as this wine. Then the waves of citrus. Lithe and lean. It’s like the wine version of a gin and tonic, right down to the quinine note. Brisk stuff, very refreshing. One of may favorite Clos des Briords in recent memory. I’ll definitely drink it again, probably today!


Perfectly executed! I love this wine. Can’t keep my hands off of it. And it will age great. And, it can sit in the fridge open, and get better for a few days too.

Good call. [good.gif]

Terrific wines. So thankful the market hasn’t caught on for them keeping the prices low.

Agreed. Given the age of the vines, all that goes into making this wine and then shipping it across the Atlantic, it is a great value.