TN: 2007 Outpost Zinfandel (USA, California, Napa Valley, Howell Mountain)

  • 2007 Outpost Zinfandel - USA, California, Napa Valley, Howell Mountain (4/6/2010)
    16.2% alcohol. Dark, but transparent ruby red. Aromas of cherries and spice leap out of the glass in greeting. Black cherry and blueberry flavors with a tannic backbone and hints of pepper and spice. Rich mouthfeel and great balance. Lingering aftertaste.

I buy most of my zin to follow the evolution of favorite old vine terroirs. This is the only non-old vine zinfandel that I regularly purchase. The attraction for me with this wine is to see what T.R. Brown can do with premium Howell Mt. grapes. I think this is the best Outpost Zin I’ve ever tasted. (92 pts.)

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Outpost and Carlisle are my favorite Zins. I am on a wine buying hiatus (until fall I hope) and when I get a mailer from Outpost I e-mail them to make sure they know I am still interested and will be back soon. Their Zin and Grenache are simply lovely.

I tasted this in LA at the Howell Mt. grower’s tasting. Hot, nasty, unbalanced, totally disjointed. Different strokes, I guess… pileon

Rocking wine, Mike … had a couple bottles recently from Costco … delicious.

I am curious to try the 07. I have had mixed experiences with both the 05 and 06 (some good bottles and a few where the heat/alcohol was overwhelming).

I have whittled down the number of zin producers I buy as my Carlisle allocation keeps increasing (yay) . . .

Just an FYI. I just discovered yesterday when the mailer was received from Black Sears Estate Wines that TRB also makes their zin (as well as other wines). So you have another source to see what he does with “premium Howell Mt. grapes.” No need to thank me for pointing out another place to spend your money. [wink.gif]

I tried not long ago and was surprised at the stated alcohol level on the bottle, yet there was no heat when tasting this wine. I did think it needed time in bottle as it was a bit tightly wound. 18-24 months I’ll try another.

Sherri – I liked the 07 substantially more than the 06.

I can’t speak for your bottle, but the one I drank was very together, rich, balanced and lush.


I actually came back to the table later and tasted from a different bottle. Perhaps they were a little warm, but when you’re at a trade tasting and the wines are poured by reps from the winery there is an assumption that the wine is showing as it should be.

HA - I can see you’re on my side Jeff! If TRB can keep his Outpost quality up there with the 07, I’ll stick with that one!