TN: 2007 Myriad Spring Mountain Cabernet--don't open

Very tannic, starts out with some chocolate covered cherries, then as it breathes it closes down showing just tannins. Placed in the fridge and will try some tomorrow and Sunday.

You guys owe me a bottle of vino, send me a Dr. Crane.

Thanks Otto. I’ll restrain myself.

Was unimpressed with my first bottle. Had a slight watery, dirty quality to the fruit. Overall not bad, mind you. Just not great. I think there is goodness trapped inside, however, so I remain optimistic.

We tasted this with Mike and Leah in August and it was showing reall well. Maybe it’s shutting down.

Thanks Otto, just bringing them downstairs to the cellar this morning. Will hold for awhile

I had the exact experience with a 2006 I opened a while ago. Might be a trademark of the wines? I’ll be picking up the 07s in a few weeks. I’ll see what Mike has to say.

Two days later with the wine recorked but not refrigerated. Not a trace of oxidation. The wine has fruit but it is behind a wall of tannins, that while has softened to a certain degree it still rules.

So inconclusion just don’t open the wines.