TN: 2007 Michel Gahier Chardonnay Arbois La Fauquette (France, Jura, Arbois)

A bit of a revelation for me on this one.
How come no one told me about the Jura?

  • 2007 Michel Gahier Chardonnay Arbois La Fauquette - France, Jura, Arbois (5/10/2012)
    For the acid-heads. I love it. Screaming bright acidity that just covers the palate (in a good way if you like acid!). Slightly hints of apple, butter,and flowers that harken to notions of white Burg, but this is so damn lively. Bold and assertive. Not for everyone, but I really dig it. Primal wine, if that makes sense. A bit of a revelation for me. [cheers.gif]

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Did you find this locally, and if so, who is carrying it? My meager stash of Overnoy Savignin could use some Jura company. . . .

Yes. Le Caveau Wines in Chamblee.

Eric Brown’s (posts here occasionally) excellent little shop that he opened about one year ago.
He focuses on old world, interesting stuff. Check it out.

Gahier is fantastic. Puffeney is making some real electric stuff too…been drinking a lot of Jura wines lately.

Gahier’s 2007’s are off the charts. Some of the earlier wines, on the other hand . . .

David I did not have the bad experience you had with the 04 version of this wine. Of course, the 07 is fantastic, but the 04 was pretty good. I think you had a bad bottle. I have a few more if you want to try one.

Dennis, there is also a Gahier Trousseau '10 there. An interesting red that combines many of the qualities of a lighter red (aromatic, relatively lower alc, great acidity that lifts the body) with some pretty serious structure.

If you try it, give it a lot of air. I popped and poured one last weekend and it was quite closed. It took hours to open and was continuing to improve when I finished it several hours later.
I don’t usually decant young wines, but this one really needed a lot of air.

‘Meager’ is about 100x more than most of us will ever see…alas.

Thanks, Scott.
Another I need to try.


Funny you should mention Puffeney as I just picked up a few '09 Poulsard M. My first foray into Jura wines so I’m looking forward to exploring this region.