TN: 2007 Kynsi Pinot Noir (USA, California, Central Coast, Edna Valley)

Found a lovely, somewhat rustic Central Coast Pinot with some real old world charm to it. This was a tasting room buy, and it matched up nicely with my prior impression. Oddly enough, looking at the WE review (“tastes like liquid raspberry and cherry jam, sprinkled with cocoa and cinnamon, and sweetened with a spoon of white sugar”), it almost seems as if I’m drinking a wholly different wine. Wonder what happened here as my experience is consistent, and I’m assuming they poured something they felt was representative at the winery. Provenance was perfect on my end . . . .

Anyway, really liked this as it’s a wine that goes well with food and I can also slowly savor over an evening.

  • 2007 Kynsi Pinot Noir - USA, California, Central Coast, Edna Valley (1/2/2011)
    Oddly enough, this reminds me a lot of an Alliet Chinon. Very musky with a horse and fertilizer component to the aromas. Savory flavors along with sour black cherry. High acid, light but silky tannin. Got some funk. I like this profile a lot, but probably not what many would expect from a CA Pinot, i.e. cola and jammy fruit. Light-medium body, 13.3% ABV. Definitely has an old world/French edge to it. (90 pts.)

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