TN: 2007 Knebel Winninger Hamm Riesling Kabinett Feinherb and banh mi

i love this wine
i love driving down to chambers and picking up 6 bottles when no one else is selling this in the US
i love stopping off at banh mi saigon bakery on the collision of little italy and chinatown and getting a perfect sandwich

allow me to detour (pix courtesy of yelp and mightsweet)

there is this little storefront…

inside is a jewelry store, in the back of the store is a food stand.

doesn’t look like much?
try a banh mi from there. spicy. with vietnamese iced coffee. the good stuff with the condensed milk

divine. makes you glad to be alive and in glorious downtown new york

but i meander.

i opened a bottle of abovesaid knebel

earthy, loamy, potting soil. floral, but in a small flower, soft aromatic way. peach pits too
there are darker currents too. sweat and green tobacco

great zing on the palate
electric mouth
halbtrocken or dare i say feinherb
barely sweet
great length and chewiness

pame plus
epic minus

moral of the story…go pick up wine yourself. save delivery charges. eat adventurously



I’m a 15 minute walk away from Saigon. Let me know next time you’re in the area…as a chaser to the banh mi, I’ll show you where to get awesomely huge and delicious $.50 scallion pancakes and pork/chive steamed or fried dumplings 4 for $1.

Where did you end up drinking the Knebel?

had it last night
the connection was a bit of a non sequitor but the journey was the destination

4 dumplings for a dollar


thanks for the note - i loved the 2005 vintage of this wine so i’ll have to check this out. i’d totally be in for a knebel (or whatever wine) and banh mi impromptu meetup if you guys ever do it!

Done! How about next Thursday for lunch?!?!? [dance-clap.gif]

Keep on keeping on Dr. K . .

I wish I was little bit taller,
I wish I was a baller
I wish I had a girl who looked good
I would call her
I wish I had a rabbit in a hat with a bat
and a '64 Impala . . .

Let’s do it, Jorge! We are overdue to meet, since I ended up not being able to go to that first NYC berserkers offline way back when. Anyone else in?

Shall I pick up a bottle of the 2005 for comparison’s sake? -A


I’d definitely be up for it. Only question is: where could we actually drink wine while eating banh mi? [scratch.gif]

i have an idea… will PM you…


this pesky day job gets in the way

i could try for an early dinner but for lunch, tues is best

I tried this last week and thought it was great, but come on. How can you pair this with anything other than a winning ham?

i reviewed this wine for my video blog, and in trying to pronounce it in a semi-German way, i ended up accidentally saying something that sounded like vinegar ham.

can you guys do tuesday night dinner? i think baogette on st. mark’s place is byob, how about the one in murray hill?

Dinner will be tough for me this week Alan. Baoguette Murray Hill is a sliver of a joint, doubtful they’ll even be open for dinner.