TN:2007 Kirkland Cabernet Signature Series, Napa

This is Costco’s top of the line Cabernet from California. I never had their basic Cab, and this is my first try at the premium version.

I have to say that I like it a lot. It sure needs some air, so give it some air, but not too much as it shuts down after 1 hour or so. Lots of stuffing, dark fruit, chocolate covered cherries, and lots and lots of tannins. I’m talking about mouth puckering tannins. But when the wine is open, it’s really good. Wood is present but nicely integrated.

I love it and the price is super great at $21.95.

PS I did notice a bit of alcohol, it does not bother me, but others may have problems with this, and it would be the only flaw other than tannins, which in my book are not.

I’ve had a couple of their wines that have been less than fantastic (thanks to my wife’s family who like to drink the cheap stuff) and it’s made me scared to pull the trigger on one of there. I may have to check this one out though…

Yoni, a year or so ago I tried one of their Bordeaux, and never even considered buying any of their brands after that experiance. This one OTOH just rocks!

Nice note.
I heard it was ‘declassified’ Eagle.

I haven’t had any (no longer a member) but the Kirkland brand wines seem to be the exception to my general rule that Costco’s private label products are the highest possible quality. When price is thrown in as a factor, the value ratio is off the charts.

I took a bottle of this wine to Wine Vault and Bistro tonight and shared it with the owners and the servers there (it was blind for them) and they just loved it. Chris was the one who said that it reminded him of another “declassified” wine that he had 1 year or so ago, of which he bought the entire 80 case production. If this is a one shot deal, I urge you guys to pick up a bottle or two and get a taste.

It is that good.


Is this better than Keever… [stirthepothal.gif]

Thanks for the heads up. Have to see if any makes it to detroit. Any clues on the label on where in Napa it comes from?

Errol, from the shelf talker at Costco, I remember that something like 65% or more was Oakville. Sure hope you get to taste the juice.

2007 is an awesome vintage in Napa. I am not surprised that they were able to find great juice for $20 retail. Kudos to them!