TN: 2007 Jadot Batard Montrachet & Pre-mox Question

Jadot 2007 Batard-Montrachet

Definitely, big, maybe too big. Leads with honeyed fruits with overtones of pineapple and white peaches; mouth-coating and very long, but with a core of what I assume Meadows means by “dry extract”—intense, almost chalky flavor—that gives added interest to the whole megillah, and complements and tempers the fairly subtle vanilla and coconut that is also discernible on the back end. In the end, it was pretty darn good, though, if you have any drink up; this was just on the verge of premox.

Above was second of two bottles of the same wine. The first was pre-moxed. What was curious was that when pouring (and subsequently decanting–hoping maybe air would help), it appeared that part of the bottle was darker than the rest, as if the pre-mox was only a portion. Have others ever had this experience? Was it an optical illusion? (I was not able to isolate that portion, unfortunately, as with the decanting it became mixed together.)

Of course, could just be that it takes a certain amount of fluid for that dark golden color really to show up, but I was curious and thought I’d put this inquiry out there.

Haven’t ever noted a difference in shade within the bottle, but have been surprised on a number of occasions by how much darker a white with some color looks when the entire bottle is in the decanter than in the glass or when only a small amount is decanted.