TN: 2007 Huët Vouvray Sec Le Mont (France, Loire Valley, Tou

  • 2007 Huët Vouvray Sec Le Mont - France, Loire Valley, Touraine, Vouvray (7/24/2010)
    My love affair with this Domaine has grown by leaps and bounds this summer, as this was, yet again, a superb specimen of Chenin Blanc goodness. Everything I want or ask for in a high end Vouvray, sea mist, oyster shell, fresh shave lime skins, a slight suggestion of sweetness, laser like acidity. A 3 dimensional texture simply delights the senses as does the resonating finish, which is long to say the least. Its hard for me to fathom that anyone could possibly not love this wine. (93 pts.)

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Yes, this is a stellar wine. Delicious now, more so later, well priced–nothing not to love.

Huet flirtysmile

What’s not to love?

Single largest producer in my cellar.

and it was $28 freaking bones Gents, it really has my wondering why I should ever pay more for a dry table wine when i can have this? Riesling and Gewurtz excluded of coarse.

Great note Dale! Agree, hard to find a better bang for your buck then Huet. Interested if you had this with food? I’ve been on a mission to find Loire wine/food pairings as of late. Also, try and find yourself a bottle from F. Chidiane, great stuff as well.

Thanks for the note, one of the great white wine domaines of the world. Let’s just hope these wines stay reasonably priced.

Glad to hear the '07s are showing well. I had a few when I first received them but haven’t touched one in quite a while.

Same here, though I have relatively few Secs.

I am probably buy more secs, mostly because I drink more of them immediately than I do their other wines.

Thanks D. Indeed we had this with a couple of apps, assorted cheeses and steamed clams in some type of saffron broth, delicious to the bone. Upon reflection, I really can’t think of anything, food paring wise that would clash with this wine. the exotic tropical fruit profile would be a more than solid match for richer seafood concoctions, while the piercing acidity should handle sharper goat cheeses even tomato based cuisine with ease. I also would love to give this a go with a big fat plate of sushi, I’m thinking that would be a marvelous pairing. I’ll be on the lookout for the F. Chidiane for sure, I assume that is a Vouvray producer as well?

Agree, great food wines. Sushi sounds like it could be an interesting combo. My fav pairing so far has been escargot slathered in butter and garlic with a biscuit on top at Canlis in your neck of the woods. Amazing!
Francois Chidaine is a biodynamic producer of Vouvray, Montlouis, and Touraine. His Les Tuffeaux started my obsession with the Loire.

Chidaine makes wonderful wine. Just be aware that they are not clearly labeled as to which are sec and which are demis.

Only number 2 in mine. I’m trying not to use that as an excuse to buy more :slight_smile:

I can’t help myself. Whenever I see them, I just have to grab a few.

Great wines. I just added some of the 2009 secs to the cellar purchased at the domaine last week. The 2008 demi-secs are also stunning.

I am NOT happy that the LCBO hasn’t carried these wines in years. I love them, and this sounds like no exception. I will seek it out elsewhere, thanks for the fine note.

kwa heri,

Here is a general description of his holdings. It would be the rare vintage where they couldn’t be classified as listed below.

Chidaine Vouvray:

Les Argiles = Sec.

Clos Baudoin = Sec

Le Bouchet = Demi-Sec

les Lys = Moelluex (I presume. I have never actually seen a bottle of this).

Chidaine Montlouis:

Clos du Breuil = Sec

Les Tuffeaux = Demi-Sec

Clos Habert = Demi-sec

Les Choisilles =Sec

I understand the objection to using the terms, they frankly don’t tell you that much about the style. The '06 Clos du Breuil is technically sec but is rich, fat and a touch sweet. The '07 Is as lean and dry as they come. If you are making what the vintage gives you are going to frequently make wine that isn’t classically Sec, Demi-Sec, or even Moelluex. Still, you think he could at least indicate the level of RS on the bottle. Naturally, that doesn’t tell the whole story either but if you need a bone dry white with dinner you would at least know not to pick up the Tuffeaux at 1.5% R.S. I find it maddening how little useful information actually makes it the back of a wine bottle.

I picked up a few for $25.00 and I wasn’t going to open any of them 'cause I am usually severely punished for popping the corks so early. You have convinced me to try this one. Did you pop and pour or give it a lot of air first?

Hi Scott,

It was a pop and pour due to a lack of time before our dinner reservation, an hour or two in the decanter would certainly do no harm I should add that this was a lot more open than a recent tasting of the 07 Clos du Bourg, terrific wine, tons of upside, but very tightly coiled around its mineral character. Most of the notes in CT seem to support the Le Mont as being the most open of the three 07 Secs. Please post a note or your impressions when you do! Dale

Just picked-up half a case of the '05 Petillant. Will probably force Brad Baker to drink a bottle the next time we get together. :slight_smile:

Dale, thanks for the note. Thanks to you, I beat Google up a bit and got a sense of where this lies on on the map and even better, the wine is nearby at Wine Ex. Easy call. I’ll post a note on it once I can find some time to drink it. At the rate I am buying and drinking french whites, I might not ever get back to my CA reds (uh, that was sarcasm [basic-smile.gif] ). PS–FWIW, akin to my other running question pertinent to Chablis, the Huet website acclaims their wines to be biodynamic–love it.