TN: 2007 Francois Bertheau Chambolle Musigny AC

It’s at times like these why I wonder why I don’t own more Bertheau.

This is just fvcking delicious. Crunchy red fruits all day. Gulpable, but super precise and pure. Really validates my love of burgundy.


Very nice! Thanks for the note.


Just started buying these wines recently and really love them - have been attempting to stockpile as many as I can! They scream classic Chambolle to me and I adore the style.


Agreed. Bertheau makes delicious wines. Albeit sometimes a bit (too?) light initiated by a rather pale colour. But no further criticism. Not on my part.


This wasn’t anywhere near too light.

Bertheau is one of my favorite producers, my cellar contains multiple vintages of Bonnes Mares(back to 90), Amoureuses (back to 96), the CM 1er cru (back to 01), and a few Charmes. For my palate the wines come across as very “pure”, minimal concentration, not much new oak, no stems. Almost like a pretty face without any makeup at all to use a bad analogy. Bertheau is the opposite of Vogue, where I get tons of extraction, oak signature and big wines.

For me the sweet spot in the lineup has always been the CM 1er Cru, $60-$70 when I was buying. I love the Amoureuses, probably my favorite of his wines, but it’s really gotten pricey lately.

I agree. I bought the last bottles of this and the C-M 1er from a local shop some years ago, regrettably the stock was not large at that point.


Have been meaning to open an 07. Thanks for the note.

Always love Bertheau. I never bought above the 1er Cru blend but have loved every bottle including the Bourgogne Rouge which I don’t think they bottle anymore. The price has risen enough in recent years for me to pass but I have a small stash to console myself.

I bought some a while back after a friend told me I should be buying Barthod and I misheard him. [rofl.gif]
Crush just offered the '17 vintage CM 1er for $99 earlier this week. I picked some up after reading Don’s TNs