TN: 2007 Foley Claret if anyone gives a crap.

I loved it. The nose has more going on than any previous Foleys Ive ever had. Lots of dark fruits and spices with a hefty dose of oak. The palate is enormous and needs a lot of air to relax. Feels tense and wound up but man is there a lot of ripe fruit in there. Could use a tad more acidity. Lots of tannins but not unpleasant to drink now.
I think the nose is spectacular, the palate good, and will likely be great.

Also had 06 Caymus which opened up with a ton of vanillin, too much on day one. Day two was a different monster with dark berries and violets on the nose. The palate sweet and dense. I like the ammount of acid on this one. Some heat as well. I love this bottle of wine.

2007 Loring Rosellas
Really intense nose with bright cherries, a touch of cola and some spices. Th palate is medium bodied and this has a bit more acidity than I like which doesnt take away from the intense fruit. Bit of a clipped finish.

25 y/o Bowmore was excessive and gave me a hell of a headache. headbang

Thanks for the note Berto. And I do give a crap, as I have a couple of the Foleys in the cellar. I am glad to hear it is drinking well and it does sound like a return to the style of the earlier years. I had the 05 recently and it was so tight and will never be as lush as you come to expect from Foley.

Sir! I give a crap!


Berto, the 06 Caymus SS also needs quite a bit of air to show its stuff. On the other hand the 07 is ready from the start.

The Foley style is the precursor to todays beauties, where a deft balance is applied to the amazing raw materials, perfectly ripened, and not just 125% new oak.

I give a crap too. I tasted through many of the 2007s from Foley last week and BY FAR this was my favorite. Great wine. And I picked up a couple.

I give a crap…

Got some recently.

I may not give a crap… but my CC always does.
I’ve got a few in the cellar myself.

Ditto re giving a crap and having some in the cellar…

any merlot notes?

Whenever given crap, I try to regift.


I subscribe to Miles theory of merlot, but I did have a Pride 03 two days ago that was very good :slight_smile: