TN: 2007 Domaine Louis Michel Chablis 1er Cru Montée de Tonnerre

  • 2007 Domaine Louis Michel Chablis 1er Cru Montée de Tonnerre - France, Burgundy, Chablis, Chablis 1er Cru (10/12/2010)
    When I popped the cork, there was a lot of fizz coming out of the bottle, like co2? Haven’t seen that in other Michel wines yet. Pretty tight wine, much more so than the '08. Lots of lime, green apple, lemon tart crust…crisp and nervy with citrus acidity, crushed oyster shell, salty limestone. Wonderful florals of white flowers and lime blossoms…and also a little spice kick as well. Not as creamy as the '08, but it still is amazing that there is any cream sense at all, given the all stainless steel regime. I guess really ripe fruit, structured well. Hold this one a little longer…will be killer when open for biz! +pts (91 pts.)

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Funny, I just read this note in Cellar Tracker. Thanks: I’ll let my small stash slumber on.

+1 even though it sounds tempting


How much air time did this get before you finished it? I haven’t tried the last few vintages, but this wine has a track record of opening nicely if you just give it enough air. “Enough air” varies from 6 to 24 hours, so it’s a high maintenance proposition, but the result is a very interesting wine indeed.

I’ve got a 1/3 left for tonight…we’ll see what 48hrs does to it.

Had another bottle last night… Much better than the first bottle. No co2 fizz in this one…more creamy, loaded with minerals and citrus. Not as much spice, well balanced. Refreshing! 93pts

Nice. I’m not peeking at mine for several years to come.

Checking in on another of these…no co2, open for biz! These wines are so clean and refreshing…when it comes to room temp, it explodes with citrus and melons…yet stoned well with crushed oyster shells, and minerals. Like the spice better in the '08…but this is just a fine 1cru Chablis! Can’t wait for the '08 Brocard MdT tomorrow night!

The 09 got some nice write-ups, exceptionally for 09 Chablis. Envoyer was selling it recently. Good Vineyard and producer.